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[writing] story/series titles

So I've been trying to sleep for hours, because I do work in the morning, but it's not been happening. Jake came in to talk to me and we got on the subject of the novel, and how though it's finished, I don't have a title for it, or for the mini-series of which it is the first story, or for the main series as a whole. And I still don't have a title for that last one, but Jake and I did come up with something I love.

The mini-series includes all the stories about Anna, Taz, and the werewolves. The series name is Gray Fur, Sharp Teeth and then individual stories have titles, too, such as the first one, which is Gray Fur, Sharp Teeth: Along the Road Home and the second one, Gray Fur, Sharp Teeth: Mapping Revenge, and the third one, Gray Fur, Sharp Teeth: A Bloody Good Time. In that third story, they travel to England. Witty, aren't we, with the double meaning and all.

I'm thinking something like The Other Side of the World or The Other Side of Life or along that path for the full series title, because it deals with all main characters who are not quite human anymore, if they ever were. (Though, most of them either are part human or were human once.)

Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I'm giddy at it. Woo. What do you think?

I work tomorrow, like I said, but then I'm off Monday. It doesn't make any sense to me, either.
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