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[life] book discussions and letters

What is fun? The book discussion going on in raveninthewind's journal. I'm just glad I have my books in that genre all close at hand when I'm at my desk.

What is not fun? Missing talking to Sarah. *sigh* Maybe we'll finally catch up tomorrow. Though we did exchange quick emails.

Just a note: If you ever receive a card or a letter or anything from me, most of the time, I ramble about anything and everything that is going on around me as I write. Don't mind the lack of direction. Heh.

I need to eat something, clean part of the office, and write. We do have group tonight, I think, depending on how MB is feeling, and I can write some, there, but I usually only make it to 1500 words or so, and I want to do more.
Tags: friends: letters

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