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[movies] LotR, writing, and the rules of attraction

Oh god. When everyone bows to the hobbits at the end, I cry. That whole bowing to some non-royalty person gets to me, always. It does it in Mulan, too. MULAN. That's just a clincher scene for me, whatever is it in.

Also, I'm overwhelmed with my Eowyn love. More coherent thoughts tomorrow, I'm sure.

I've watched The Two Towers and Return of the King today, written just over three thousand words, baked a chocolate cake that looks delicious (I haven't yet eaten any), did most of the laundry, visited with M---, and turned the filing over to Jake. Not as much as I would have liked to do (yeah, haven't come close to that 10,000 word goal at all over vacation, which is halfway through tomorrow, damn it), but good progress, and I have more plans for tomorrow.

I did write the end scenes today, so the basic structure is complete, I'm just filling in holes as I go. I almost have all the logistics on the last big battle finished, as well, and I'm pleased with most of what I've written.

Bilbo's line, "I think I'm quite ready for another adventure", that needs to be a part of my journal, somewhere. Oh. No matter how often I read and/or see these stories, I only become more enchanted. Someday I will write something that touches people as this does. Someday.

M--- and I were talking tonight, while watching the movies, and she said that her ideal of (physical) female perfection is embodied in Liv Tyler as Arwen, which made me laugh, because mine is Miranda Otto as Eowyn. I've always thought, if I could be just one fictional character, I would be Eowyn, and in the movies, she's portrayed very well, enough that I love her more than ever. Though I shouldn't say this, because it's not precisely true; I have many examples of female perfection, first of all, in my mind at least, and second, I like Eowyn in large part because of her flaws.

It's strange, because personally, I prefer women short with either long dark or short techni-color hair (though, of course, there are exceptions), but I see beauty in tall blondes, preferably who are strong and obsessive and driven.

Also strange is that I prefer tall men (though also with dark hair, though shaved is starting to appeal).

And yeah, I totally did not intend for this to become a conversation about the types to which I'm attracted. I meant to talk about why I write and what I'm trying to do and how I fear I'm failing, but I guess I'll have to save that for another day, too. I think I should go sleep, and dream of the ones who came before.
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