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[life] what's been in the mail, thank you, and money frustrations

Jacob has become addicted to Angel the Series. This is both good and bad, as he will now stop and watch it whenever he sees it on television, which is good for me, because I get to see episodes I haven't seen, but bad because he expects me to explain them all to him when he doesn't understand, and unlike when we watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don't know all of what happened in every season. So we both get confused.

However, this does mean that he won't have any room to complain when I buy seasons two, three, and five, so we know what's going on.


The mail has been wonderful over the past week or so. (Well, what's in the mail has been wonderful. The mail has been pretty crappy, because they're leaving stuff outside my door, in the rain, on a main street of downtown Cape. I'm so tired of that. And also, things are showing up so late, I'm beginning to think our mail is being held hostage somewhere, and released in bursts.)

From jettabug, I received the cutest Christmas card, with an excellent handmade word search. I love word searches, how did you know? It's filled with Christmas words, and Lilo and Stitch and the Mighty Ducks and just made me giggle and be happy. She also sent a cute necklace, with little square beads that spell my name on a leather band. It's excellent and adorable! Thank you so much! I need your address, though, because I have a little something to send you. Also also, she has the coolest stamps on the envelope. Wow.

From a Leena in Finland (I can't quite make out her user name, must keep investigating), I received a really cool mix CD. It has some songs I'm familliar with, but a number I've never heard, and that's always a good thing on a mix. She also included little notes on why she used particular songs, and I love reading about that part of the mix creation, so it made me happy, happy, happy.

whymzycal sent me a really neat Lemony Snicket after-holiday card and a promise of a mix CD at the end of January, which is just in time for my birthday, so that will be wonderful, too.

Did I mention that urbanfae and buhfly sent me cards? I thought I did, but I can't find it in my old posts. Hmmm. The first was too funny, a snowman missing his head and cursing the kids and the second a beautiful, peaceful scene, where the red bridge is the only true color. It's gorgeous and inspiring, even though I hate snow. Thank you both!

thestarlet sent me a French Kitty card! It's so cute and pink and just adorable. Thank you so much! And I need your address, as well, because I have a little something for you.

das_hydra sent me a box! Yay for boxes! It contained cool stationary for me, to help with my new letter writing campaign, a neat photography book for Jake, a cute little holiday card, and the softest, warmest, wonderfulest scarf, ever. It's actually the first scarf I've ever owned, and it's beautiful, sea colors, long and warm and fuzzy. Everyone who sees it loves it, and I adore it so much. I can't stop wearing it, with everything.

And today, a package arrived (and was left out in the rain, but wasn't damaged, thank god) from an unknown source. I believe it's from five_by_five, but I'm not for certain, so please, let me know. It's Ginger Snaps on DVD and I danced around with it (and frightened Jake), because I've never seen it, and I've wanted to so much. So thank you, many, many thank yous, to whoever sent it to me!


Stressed now, over paying bills and Jake being out of work and hating my job so much. Don't even want to talk about it, or how in the world I'm going to find the money to send the Berkeley application and fee this week. University of Hawaii, Manoa contacted me and I'm going to email the woman back and ask for a fee waiver, and Harvard's out, I think. The more I read, the less I want to actually go there, even though it was an honor to be recruited. I need to decide on the last two schools, then, and get my act together.


Right before I fell asleep, I had a thought about the perfect end to the novel. At least, I hope it's the perfect end. It's writing easily, five hundred words in less than half an hour, it flowed so well. I need to get back to it, and I want to watch RotK:EE tonight and oh. So much to do and so little time to do it. So little money. Must stop talking now, until I'm in a better mood.
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