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[movies] what am i watching?

There is some horror movie on TNT that Jake is making me watch. Right now, a woman is hypnotizing the guy I think is the main character. It may be Kevin Bacon, but I'm not certain. It's very, very cool, watching how this director thinks hypnosis would be like. As the woman talks, what that main character (and the audience) sees changes to what she's describing.

Of course, so far, this doesn't really look like a horror movie, but I have faith in Jake. I was only half-watching the second Tomb Raider movie, anyway. And Jake just told me that at the beginning of this movie, which I missed, the main character's son asked an empty room if it hurt, being dead, so maybe there will be horror yet.

I've broken two thousand words so far, and it's coming along much better now that I've skipped ahead to write a new section. The maze part is killing me, which is disappointing, because I like the idea very much, I just don't seem to be able to execute it well.

Oh ewww. There was just a scene in which the guy's mouth suddenly starts bleeding, and he pulls out his own tooth, but then it's like he's just seeing things, imagining things. But the tooth thing, losing teeth, especially those front teeth, that's one of my pet fears. I'm always afraid I'll fall going up stairs and bust my front teeth out.

And we have ghosts. It's a confirmed horror story, oh yeah. The main character is drinking a lot (not alcohol, drinking like thirsty drinking, can't drink enough water drinking), and that's weird, it's like a sign of the changes in him, now that he can see ghosts. I drink like that all the time, I wonder if I can.

Still don't know what it is, but I need something new to drink (and actually did before all this, but now I'm super thirsty, because he was drinking so much) and I need to get back to my writing.
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