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[life] Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a splendid evening.

We didn't do much. kinayla came by for a little bit, but she's sick and has to work tomorrow, so she didn't stay long. theinvader stopped in on his way to work. misteraloha and I watched movies all day, cleaned a little, and talked a lot. It was actually very lovely. We watched the ball drop, watched the Central Time Zone celebration, and drank sparkling grape juice, because we had no champagne. I work tonight, 1.30 to 10, but then I'm off Friday, so more cleaning will commence.

Thank you for your phone call, thestalkycop. I hope you got my text message; I know we were having trouble with it earlier.

Much love to all of you. My bed is calling me soon.

May 2004 be so much greater than 2003 ever was.
Tags: family: jake, friends: sarah, holidays: winter

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