Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

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[life] Blank = Blank



M'Lee=Great provider of pizza.

Jake=Great provider of soda.

Dinner=There goes my diet.

Get Fuzzy=Damn funny new book.

Chicago trip=Mandy called and confirmed. We're going, and Mike too, depending on his job situation at the time. Yay.

Halloween=Still no costume. Still don't know which party I'll be at. Want high school Halloween fun, with the joint celebration of David's birthday.

Boy Meets World=Still cheesily hilarious. "Someone take pity upon my wretched soul."

DF=Sarah hates it, I guess. *whimper* I'm just kidding, Stalker.

Christmas=Shopping almost done. Whee.
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