September 11th, 2009

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[Publications] Pleasure and Pain at Innsmouth Free Press

Originally posted at my website here.

As a part of The Vampire Diaries Week at Innsmouth Free Press, and to introduce me as the reviewer of TVD season one, my article "Pleasure and Pain: The Good and the Bad of The Vampire Diaries" is now available at IFP.

In it, I briefly review the first four books of TVD, talk about why I love horror, and mention The Lost Boys, my favorite vampire movie, quite a few times. I also talk about werewolves, because no matter how awesome vampires are, I love werewolves best of all.

Basically, I really enjoyed a couple of the books and I'm looking forward to reviewing the show. Innsmouth Free Press will be publishing my episode reviews a few days after each episode airs.