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[Meme] Horror Movies

From [ profile] gwynnega:

Horror Movie I Hate: I was thinking I don't really hate horror movies, I generally find them wonderful, overrated, boring, or not something I will watch, but then I remembered The Cavern (2005) (aka WithIN). It was one of three similarly themed movies that came out around the same time, which includes The Descent (one of my absolute favorite movies, creepy as shit even before the "twist") and The Cave (much cheesier than The Descent, but also delightful; Lena Headey, Piper Perabo, and Daniel Dae Kim are hot as hell, and Cole Hauser plays his character like he was inspired by Vin Diesel's portrayal of Riddick [from their shared movie, Pitch Black]). Two were great experiences (and I rewatch them often), surely the third will be at least good fun.


Horror Movie I Think Is Overrated: Cabin in the Woods (2011). Whedon is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is. Some gorgeous shots, though.

Horror Movie I Think Is Underrated: Wild Country (2005) (Well, 2005 was certainly a horror movie year for me.) It's this quiet, lovely monster movie about some troubled teenagers hiking through the Scottish highlands, the baby they discover, and the monster hunting them. I love it so, and almost no one I've talked to about it has heard of it before I bring it up.

Horror Movie I Love: About five billion and one, but this very second, let's say The Relic (1997). It's not nearly as creepy as the book by Preston and Child, but I still love it.

Horror Movie I Could Watch on Repeat: About two billion and one, but pretty much always The Lost Boys (1987). I cannot tell you how many times I've watched it and could easily watch it multiple times in a row. (I have my fingers crossed that the pilot that was ordered is picked up for a show. I think the changes they're proposing are great.)

Horror Movie That Made Me Fall in Love with Horror Movies: The Howling (1981), a story which I've told all over the place, but I'll tell it again. It's the first horror movie I ever saw, when I was somewhere between ages 8 and 14, probably closer to 10. I don't remember when, exactly. We weren't allowed to watch horror movies when I was growing up, though I could read anything I wanted. (First horror book: Dracula adaptation when I was very young.) I was on the road with my dad one summer (he was a long-haul truck driver), we stopped at a truck stop for awhile, and while hanging out in the trucker's lounge, I ended up watching The Howling and 100% fell in love with horror movies and werewolves. (Dad does not remember this at all, he claims, which cracks me up.) After we left, as we were walking back through rows and rows of eighteen wheelers, I kept picturing werewolves running along the tops of the trailers, hunting people through the maze of rumbling machines, and in saying this, I can't believe I've never written that.

(I also saw a mummy movie that summer which had a scene that freaks me out to this day: people would rot or mold or something if they mummy touched them and the mummy, in collecting jewelry or something, reached into a shower to get a piece. Seriously, to this day I don't like to have my eyes closed in the shower or my back to the bathroom door, and I much prefer clear shower doors so I can see things coming.)

Horror Movie That Changed My Life: I mean, see above RE The Howling. Also, The Lost Boys, which brought so many wonderful people into my life, people I am still friends with nearly two decades after I saw it for the first time.

Guilty Pleasure: I love cheesy, ridiculous horror movies that are so bad they're good, so one of those, probably. I can't think of any off the top of my head that I would label a guilty pleasure, though.

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