Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[life] 101 in 1001 v3 (May 15, 2017 to February 11, 2020)

OH HEY DID YOU REMEMBER I WAS DOING A 101 IN 1001? Because I certainly did not. Whoops. Version two was supposed to end this September, but I completely forgot to even finish filling out the lists, much less track them and do things. MY BAD. So as of May 15, I'm starting version three.

(Version 1, Version 2)

For now, I'm just brainstorming things for the list. Once I have that, I'll number and organize and track.

1001 Days
143 Weeks
33 Months

Write at least one letter/card to a friend per month.
Read 100 books per year, at least 50 from the To Read collection.
Go to library at least once a month.
Get library card.
Pay off credit card.
Pay off undergrad student loans.
Exercise at least three times per week.
Stretch daily.
Write first draft of non-romance marching band novel.
Write first draft of romance marching band novel.
Write first draft of BDSM erotic romance.
Write new draft of The Talking Dead.
Polish new draft of The Talking Dead until it is ready to query.
Query YA agents for The Talking Dead.
Write new draft of Monsters & Magic.
Write at least one new short story per month.
Edit second draft of Tracy's novel until it is ready to query.
Submit one short story per quarter.
Submit one nonfiction piece per quarter.
Research ghost writing/work for hire opportunities and determine whether this is a useful option.
Write a horror story trope poetry collection.
Write a YA and/or NA road trip novel.
Create at least one piece of physical art per month.
Attend and/or host one social event per month.
Learn to play my bass guitar.
Take an adult ballet class.
Plan a 40th birthday celebration
Back up laptop at least once a month
Get rid of 101 things (101/101)
Get Shadow repaired
Gather all of my important documents, update them if needed, scan them into my computer then put them in a safe, fire proof place (ie: birth certificate, passport, social security card, etc)
Send handmade winter holiday cards
Trip to Vegas and Santa Cruz
X's Chicago wedding trip
X's Memphis wedding trip
Visit Canada
Visit San Diego

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