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15 May 2017 @ 10:28 pm
[writing] Project List, May 2017  
Another month, another list. Still have things out on submission, still nothing from this actual list. Useful! 

Current active projects:

1. Monsters in the Trees
Young adult horror. Friends, makeouts, and monsters in an isolated cabin. Status: Draft one on hold. Rewriting the outline.

2. Winter Cabin
New adult or adult paranormal romance. There are monsters in those snow-filled trees. Status: Feedback from early readers coming in, draft four well underway. Goal is still to submit this summer. 

3. Monsters and Music
Young adult horror. Ghosts and werewolves, oh my. (witches and dead people and haunted things, too.) Status: Rewriting the outline.

4. Frozen World Fantasy
Adult fantasy. Brainstorming and talking to JBJ, another fantasy author, about how to write a fantasy novel. Doing some research on the writing side, working through world building before I start outlining.

5. Marching Rock Band
New adult or adult contemporary romance. Drumlines and rock bands and romance. Status: Draft two on hold until Winter Cabin is complete and out on submission.

6. Siblings Saving the World
New adult or adult supernatural adventure. There are monsters in the world — and sometimes we become them. First draft in progress, but progress has slowed, so the new goal is to get it to early readers by this fall. 

7. Lovecraft Goes to College (short story)
Adult horror. The hounds are hunting, and they howl for you. Status: Expanding the outline, research.

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