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[gaming] Sims 3: The Rainbow Legacy 1.2 I Can Read Your Mind

Intro: Previously on the Rainbow Legacy we met our founder, Red Rainbow, a ridiculous, somewhat stereotypical vampire. (The theme of this legacy makes me laugh every time I think about it. I know, I know, I am easily entertained.) She ran around the gorgeous Moonlight Falls in all her red finery, making enemies of half the people she met, and flirting with the other half. So far, no spouse or potential heirs, but Red has her dream career and has made some romantic progress with Helen Hall. After a zombie attack gone awry, we return to Red Rainbow, Ridiculous Vampire.

Red, you are the most ridiculous vampire ever. YOU WILL BURN. IN THE SUN. You remember that right?

Red: Maybe I just sparkle.

… No, Red. No.

Even vampires have to keep their house in order.

Red: Other vampires don’t even use the toilet. Why must I torment myself so?

You love fixing things.

Red: I do no such thing.


Red: …

Red heads off to the Summer Festival, because that’s exactly the kind of place a vampire should hang out in during the daylight. Absolutely no chance of burning herself alive around here, nope. Not even a little bit.

First thing she does is take a greeting card picture.

Red: I’m gorgeous.
I guess that answers the question of whether Sim vampires show up on camera, doesn’t it?

Red: You’ve been taking my picture this whole time.

… This is getting weird, Red. Go do something interesting.


Red: Liar! Setting things on fire is interesting!

Good point! Burn, baby, burn!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of the fireworks actually going off.

I told you hanging out in the middle of the day was a bad idea!

Red: *is literally smoking*

Red: So smoking that Helen came and found me. *preens*

You are going to burn to death while you waste time flirting. I am impressed with your dedication to this legacy.

After she finally retreats indoors so she won’t burn to death, Red gets the opportunity to gain some fitness points. She’s off to the stadium, but this is a black hole activity, so there’s not much to see.

At least until after she’s done, when Helen calls and they spend a great deal of time on the phone. Again. (This time sans zombies.)

Red: If I wanted, I could be the best jewel thief in the world. The cops would never catch me.

Well, I guess this is better than telling everyone your favorite food is blood, and then trying to convince them you couldn’t possibly be a vampire.

The next morning, Red wakes up feeling unlucky. I thought you just were unlucky all the time, Red, not that it came and went! That’s interesting.

Red: Unless you’re me.

Well, you already tried to burn yourself to death. Basically twice.

Red: *grumbles* *stubs toe* *trips*

Alas, no, none of that is true. Nothing actually came of her being unlucky today.

First horses of the legacy. Thank god they’re not inside the house. They sure are pretty, even though the one on the left sort of looks like its chest is falling out the bottom of its body.

This bodes well for Red moving up that career ladder to her LTW!

Red: Doesn’t bode well for me getting any fresh blood!

Your thirst bar is full! Stop whining!



Red: *smug* I’m so damn good at what I do.

Yes, yes, you’re a superstar, especially in that outfit. And look how stressed you are, after all that work.

Red: LOOK PROMOTION. I was right.

Even the damn promotion says you’re only guessing!

After work, Red’s off to Helen’s party. As is appropriate for a fortune teller, she finally asks Helen about her zodiac sign. (Unfortunately, I apparently did not grab a screencap of the response. FAIL, SELF.)

Red: Hey, I held up my end of this.

Bite your tongue.

Red: *snaps teeth*

Fair enough, not the smartest thing to say to a vampire.

Aww, and the flirtation begins. Over astronomy and shooting stars (or possibly astrology, but I’m going to believe in hard science).

Red: Fortune telling vampire over here!

Fine, fine, fine, astrology it is. Look to the stars. Your future is written in the spaces between the light. Etc.

When she got home from the party, I remembered to show you guys this adorable snapshot from the carnival. She’s so fun!

Okay, okay, I get it, you’re romantic. And this is a legacy anyway. Time to try to move the romance with Helen right along.

Before that, though, Red needs to work on her charisma so she can progress up the career ladder. (Probably won’t hurt the romance, either.) She’s off to spend some time in front of the mirror.

Charisma skill building is the best. Pic spam ahead!

I love the faces Sims make when they’re building charisma.

Also, guess this answers that age-old question as to whether this type of vampire appears in a mirror.

Red: You didn’t actually see my reflection.

… valid point. I assume you wouldn’t get the charisma point if you couldn’t see yourself and work on your presentation.

Red: You know what they say when you assume.

That joke is so damn old.

Red: And yet not as old as me.


Red autonomously cleans the shower, and is adorable. Look at the little water splashes/bubbles. Too, too cute.

OMG YOU CAN CHECK THE WEATHER. That is adorable. Also, terrible weather. I want summer back.

Red: Less likely to burn without so much sun.

I’ll believe that when I see it.

Another promotion! Red is moving right along.

Red: See? Told you I was damn good at what I do!

So modest, too.

The good things just keep rolling. Red invites Helen over that night, and they end up having their first date. From good friends to flirting women in one easy step. (It’s about this point that I realize Helen is an elder, isn’t she?)

Red: Why in the world would I date a teenager or young adult? We’d have nothing in common!

I love you, Red.

Red: So does Helen. *smug*


Red: So will I.


Red: SEE!

Get it, woman. Get it good.

… what is happening right now, Red?


Red: Reading her mind, obviously.

NOPE. I know what it looks like when you read minds. We all do! We saw it last update.

Red: *deep sigh* FINE. I am “reading her mind” in a fortune telling sense.


Red: What? Fortune telling vampire, remember?

Just when I think you are wonderful, you pull crap like this.

All that being said, SHE MAKES THE BEST FACES OH MY GOD.

(Poor Helen. That does not look comfortable at all.)

She agrees with me!


Red: Lies.

Are you sure? You must have met a lot of people over the years. Maybe you can’t keep them straight.



Red: SHE LIKES IT. Also, busy now!

We’ll just leave you to it…

At work, Red gets a great job opportunity to teach other people about her presentation skills. WHAT I WOULDN’T GIVE TO SEE THAT PRESENTATION. I bet she makes the best faces.

Red: Of course I do.

UNFORTUNATELY, I hit the wrong button and didn’t get a screencap of the opportunity card. However, I did get one of her next opportunity, which is to read another ridiculous book for work.

Red: Oh, goody. Something else to take me away from my romancing.


Red: This is a legacy, Carla. Get with it.

… damn.

Fine. Yes. I get it. I GET IT. You don’t need to walk around naked to drive this point home. Romance time it is.

Their first date outside is at the fall festival. At least this time, Red won’t catch on fire.

HOWEVER, HELEN. What happened to you?!

Red: I think she looks festive.


Red really doesn’t seem to mind. Making out at the fall festival with leaves on the ground and a crisp chill to the air. I love it.

And they’re going steady! Red, you work slow, but you are so smooth.

Red: Yeah, I know. I’ve had some practice.

When the date ends, Red starts raking leaves. That is an interesting way to spend your time on a community lot, but you do you Red. You do you.

Red: I will. And Helen too.



Red: Are you sure? I can give you more examples if you want.

I’m good, thanks. Less time on work, more time on romancing and moving the legacy along.

Red: Good call.

In case you were wondering, Red’s presentation went really well!

HOWEVER. I realized that (a) I don’t have any mods installed that will allow for same sex pregnancies, and (b) I’m not entirely sure I want to move people in only for them to die and Red to keep living. (I understand that is a part of a vampire romance, but I don’t really enjoy playing the mourning period, and want to do it as little as possible.)


Red: I would like to order a child.

That…that is not really how it should work.

Red: I am perfectly safe. I even have a smoke detector. And I am most certainly not a vampire.


(Love how Red can multitask while adopting! Check her out, reading that book for work in the background.) Rolled the dice again to decide what type of kid to adopt.

Meet Orange! Who has obviously not yet been dressed in appropriate colors.

Red: She’s just skipping ahead. She’s an overachiever.

You’ve known her thirty seconds, and she looks super skeptical.

Red: Just you wait.

Red: *smug* See?

I stand corrected.

Orange really wants to meet a vampire. UM. ORANGE. MAYBE TAKE A LOOK AROUND.

Orange: I mean a new vampire.

Because the one you just met two minutes ago is already boring?


Okay, okay!

Orange: See? I want to be BFF with a vampire, too.

You are seriously already like your mother, aren’t you?

You haven’t even met her yet!

Orange: She’s clearly very important to my mom.

Oh, god, chosen family feelings in overload right now.

Orange: *smug*



Orange: And I love it here already.

We’re glad you’re around, automatic heir kid!

So we’ll leave off here, and start the next update with Red and Orange’s first full day together. I love that I can add adoption into the legacy, and I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures they get up to together. And whether I turn this into an ISBI or not. Whether there will be other kids or not. Whether anything chaotic will happen. Still don’t know!

Torch-Holders: 1
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 0
Fainting from fear and ghosts: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Fires: 0
Zombie Attacks: 1
Reach top of a career: 0

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