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[gaming] Sims 3 Legacy: The Rainbow Legacy 1.1 I Want to Suck Your Blood

Welcome to the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Legacy. This is a very fly-by-night legacy; I have no idea what kind of rules I’ll follow, what the goal is, what I’ll track – basically, the only thing I’ve decided on is that everything about the founder was chosen by the roll of a die and the generational theme will be the colors of the rainbow. Will it end up being an ISBI? Will I have our founder kill everyone she marries? Will anything ever be chaotic again? NO ONE KNOWS!

Meet Red Rainbow. All her traits, likes, and dislikes are randomized, as is her appearance. (I rolled that die to determine where the sliders went and everything.) She’s a vampire, and she is brave, unlucky, hopeless romantic, mooch, and frugal. Her favorites are the color red, blood, and classical music. Oh my god, Red, you are the most stereotypical vampire to ever vamp, aren’t you? This is going to be AMAZING.

And this is the Founder Shack Starter Home in Moonlight Falls, home to supernatural creatures of all stripes. Apparently, Sims 3 producer Kari St. John once said that Moonlight Falls was inspired by the Pacific Northwest, and you can tell. It’s gorgeous, all mountains and greenery and clear skies and moody ocean.

Unfortunately, this means that Red is skewing pretty damn hard toward a Twilight-style vampire. Here’s hoping this doesn’t end up in a pointless vampire-human-shapeshifter love triangle with baby imprinting. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, Red’s new home is a two bedroom, one bath house, and she bought it with furniture and decorations (what little there are) included. No way I’ll be redecorating it much; instead, I’m trying to save their money so that as the family grows, they can eventually move into a bigger house. I love all the trees and bushes, and hope the zombies don’t tear them up come the first full moon.

(My biggest pet peeve with the Supernatural expansion pack is that zombies destroy gardens and plants during the full moon. Stay the hell away, zombies! Attack my Sims instead; at least when they scream and/or laugh maniacally at you, it’s hilarious for everyone involved. And by everyone involved, I mean me and my readers.)

Red’s lifetime wish is to become the Master of Mysticism, which means she needs to reach level 10 in the fortune teller career, on the mystic path, and the first want she rolls is to join the fortune teller career. That’s damn useful! She’s well on her way to fulfilling her dreams.

… riiiiiight up until this. The first thing she actually does inside the house is sit down to watch some sci-fi show. LESS USEFUL, RED.

A+ overachiever, this one.

Red’s first visitor is Donnie the Mascot, of course, because the mascot always shows up first to drop off the welcome packet. For the first time, one of my Sims absolutely adores the mascot. Red’s super happy to take all kinds of ridiculous pictures with Donnie.

Red: Just trying to figure out how to get to his throat through all that fur.


When the welcome wagon of neighbors shows up, immediately Red rolls the want to read someone’s mind. Oh, Red, you delightful little creeper.

… except this might actually be another mark toward her being a Twilight-style vampire. TERRIBLE. NO, RED. NO.

The welcome wagon consists of Marigold Maldano, the fairy, and Belinda Crumplebottom. I love how, despite the floating positive friendship icons, Red looks completely unimpressed with her visitors. And that arched eyebrow is great. Very People’s eyebrow, Red.

Red: I can smell what the Rock is cooking.

I love you.

Red: I swear I’m not a vampire.

Marigold: LIAR!

Smooth, Red. Far as I can tell, no one even asked!

Red is both humiliated by and angry at having a rude guest. This welcome wagon thing is going swell! Two thumbs up. Should have stuck with the mascot.


Buh-bye, welcome wagon; hello, job hunting! Red finds the perfect job on her first attempt, which is pretty great. And check out her embarrassed and angry moodlets down there. I’m so entertained by her raging over the welcome wagon failure.

… those mean people really took it out of you, didn’t they?


After that exhausted nap, Red heads out to try to find a love interest and/or a blood donor. This is a first for me. I’ve never seen a vampire, in a floor-length formal gown, riding a pedal bike to a vampire bar.

… I should buy her a motorcycle and Lost Boys it up around here.

Here’s Red in all her red fashion glory in the Red Velvet Lounge looking for looooooooove. Or a blood bag. We’ll see.

(At this point in game play, I still haven’t actually decided how I’m going to play this legacy. ISBI? Switching supernatural creatures? Killing off a bunch of spouses? NO ONE KNOWS. Not even me.)

Immediately, Red rolls the want to have her first romance. Okay, looking for looooooove it is! I’ve never had a Sim roll this want before, and it is delightful. I am already super charmed by this unlucky romantic weirdo.

Red: Totally not controlling your mind.


Unfortunately, there are no sparks flying anywhere, and I am reminded how hard I find the romancing part of the game when there’s no custom installed programs going on. Instead, Red drinks some fake blood, checks out the (completely stereotypical, ridiculously overblown, and needlessly dramatic) décor (and I did NOT intend for Red to match it so much), chills with Gladsten Farmwell for awhile, and everyone involved is bored. And by everyone, I mean me.

Red’s next rolled want is to hunt, so I let her do it, and laughed over her ridiculous faces. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Unfortunately, her human target immediately leaves, and I’m not ready to send her away from this cheesy bar.

And it’s a good thing she stuck around! She meets Helen Hall shortly thereafter. They bond over their shared fashion sense. (And, I realize in looking at this picture, though not during playing, together they really match the décor of the Red Velvet Lounge. If Helen is also a vampire, this is going to be too, too fated supernatural love ridiculous.)

They chat for awhile, until Red decides that talking is a terribly slow way to get to know someone…




ANYWAY, she learns a bunch of traits, including that Helen is a rich daredevil. I hope she’s secretly a superhero! She can be the Batman of Moonlight Falls. (Except in Moonlight Falls, Batman is probably an actual shapeshifting bat, so.)

The next afternoon, Red heads off to her first day of work. That is QUITE some uniform they have you wearing, Red. A weird combo of biker babe mystic.

I LOVE her boots splashing up water, though. That is the BEST.

This is where Red works, and I am giving the game creators such side-eye. This is such a stereotypical place to work anyway, and it is shades of “gypsy” fortune teller bullshit. At least they don’t actually use the racial slur “gypsy” in game.

That park, with the trees and the grass and the mountain in the background all that water, that is beautiful! I’ll have to get a better picture sometime when she’s not racing into work.

(More water droplets around her boots! I love the Seasons expansion pack. Rain! Colorful leaves! Halloween! This is going to be SUCH a good time.)

Lots of things happen while she’s at work. First, Helen invites her to a party. (Convenient! Red needs to socialize with her some more anyway.)





Then she gets her first work opportunity, which involves reading a book. A delightful book, from the sound of it. One I’d like to read and/or write. (Though if I wrote it, it would be more of a horror story. And far better than Horrorscope, which isn’t terrible, but isn’t great, either.)

After work, first thing she does at home is start reading The Horrors of Horoscopes. She doesn’t even bother to change out of her terrible work clothes. I am simultaneously charmed by her dedication and appalled by the ugliness of the décor, especially the combo of that couch, that lamp, and her outfit. So ugly. So hilarious.

Helen’s party is formal, so Red’s back in her great, thematically appropriate, terribly cheesy formal wear. She settles in to talk to Haley Sumari for awhile (and I want her gloves!).

And I suddenly figured out why she keeps having to try to convince people she’s not a vampire.

Haley: Key lime pie is my favorite food. I love its sharp bite.

Red: Sharp bites are the best, but when I can’t get one of those, boxed blood will do in a pinch.

Haley: …

Red: …


Lucky for Red, any forthcoming vampire accusations were interrupted by a ghost.

Red is clearly not a fan.

Red: What? I was working my charm on Haley, about to get a fresh bite, and this ghost woman interrupted! She has all the time in the world, couldn’t she wait until I was done? Look at Haley! She’s laughing too hard to fall for my charms now!

Don’t … don’t you have all the time in the world?


Gladsten is here, too, and Red does some mental manipulation to make him think about her. Apparently, giant red hearts and little bats go along with that, which I find utterly delightful. Every time she’s creepy, she’s also kind of adorable, and I love her more.


Red: Still not controlling your mind.


(Super entertained that Red is still angry at the cock-blocking ghost. Charm-blocking ghost? Flirt-blocking ghost?)

The next day, Red wakes up to a phone call from Helen, which is pretty great. Their relationship is moving along without me having to do much at all, which I appreciate! They chat for awhile, and Red rolls the want to become good friends with her, not just regular friends. This is some slow burn romantic stuff for a Sim legacy, but it’s pretty fun to spend so much time only having to worry about Red. (Not as interesting or chaotic as it can get with more characters, but fun.)

What the hell even is a portable gnubb set?!

Red heads off to a new location to meet more people; this time, she tries the gym. It does not go so well for her. It goes great for me, because I nearly laughed myself off the couch every time she fell, even though I’ve seen Sims fall a thousand times before. She’s such a fun little character. So determined. So ridiculous. Wearing so much red.

It’s late enough that there’s only one other person in the gym, but Red hangs out chatting with Argus Brown for quite some time. She makes the funniest faces while she does things, and all sorts of great hand gestures. I have to hold myself back from posting pic spam every time she talks to someone.

VAMPIRE SUPER SPEED! Only slightly less ridiculous than the Twilight super speed.

Helen calls her again after work (YAY!), and Red ends up spending the entire call on the front porch. While the full moon rises. Which means – ZOMBIES!

Zombie!Kyle Huang lurks around behind her forever, waiting to attack, but she’s on the phone too long, and then the porch is small enough that they can’t actually get around each other. THWARTED BY SIM MOVEMENT FAILURES. NO ZOMBIE ATTACK FOR YOU, ZOMBIE!KYLE!.

I’m still laughing over his disgruntled sounds.

AND THAT FAAAAACE. Poor thwarted zombie!Kyle.

This seems like a good place to wrap it up for this entry. Red is ridiculous, and sometimes creepy, and often delightful. There’s some potential romance in the air. I still have no idea what kind of legacy this will be. Fortune telling and cock-blocking ghosts and thwarted zombie attacks, oh my.

Torch-Holders: 1 (+1)
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 0
Fainting from fear and ghosts: 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Fires: 0
Zombie Attacks: 1 (+1)
Reach top of a career: 0

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