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[traveling] Wiscon 40

I leave in the morning for Wiscon 40. The first Wiscon I ever attended was Wiscon 30, so this is nice and fitting. My writing group is having a reunion, and I get to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in years, and there will be lots of writing and geekery and good times. (And, if previous years are any example, alcohol.)

If you'll be there, hit me up! I have a couple of solid things on my schedule, but otherwise, am trying to keep it open. (Though it would be so easy to schedule every hour of the day, what with all of the great panels and parties and readings, and that's not even touching the hallway meet-ups and gaming and and and.)

Anyway, best way to reach me is by text, but if you don't have my cell phone, I'll also have regular email access at (And if you will be there and want my phone number, email me! I share it pretty widely. I also don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize.)


I'll be attending the comics writing special session during the Writer's Workshop Friday morning, and then will be at the after party in Michaelangelo's back room after.


Fat Characters in Sci Fi/Fantasy, Sat, 2:30–3:45 pm, Conference 1
Moderator: Robyn Fleming. Participants: Alex Jennings, Carla M Lee, Kenzie Woodbridge

There are some fat folks depicted in the genre, but most of them are scenery rather than fully realized characters. Where are my fat protagonists? What are their stories? Let's talk about the ones that do exist and brainstorm ideas for new ones.

ETA: Right, right, this could also be a Care and Feeding of type post. In short, I am perfectly happy to talk to new people, but am not great at starting conversations myself or recognizing unspoken signs of welcome. I am also really, really shitty with names and faces, so I am very sorry if I don't recognize you right away. I give great hugs, but sometimes have hit my limit on touching people, and will say that if it happens. I have no food or drink allergies, but horrible seasonal allergies (and it's that time of year), and perfumes and strongly scented lotions often set it off too, so don't mind my stuffiness and giant box of tissues. I have it on good authority that I am a joy and a delight forever (which can also be read as a snarky pain in the ass), and I can't wait to talk about monsters and mental illness and diversity and how we're trying to make the world better.

I look like this.

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