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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 3.2 (LJ Only)

Previously on the Chaos legacy: Babs and Anoki had two more babies, the twins Chazza and Cesaro. The Chaos family adopted an adorable stripey cat, Dumpling, and we learned there really is an invisible horse haunting the legacy house. *headdesk* Stiles became the first elder of the legacy, and I braced myself for what we all know is coming.

Three kids. Only one can be heir. Let the games begin!

Carla: Abby, how can you ignore that adorable kitten? LOOK AT IT.
Abby: Too busy kicking butt at this game, thanks.
Carla: And to think, once you only ignored other people to skill.

Let’s check on the kids, see if the twins are witches or not:

Cesaro stayed at school to do homework! Based on previous experience (i.e., Babs and Brandon), that means Cesaro is a witch! We have our first witch of generation three!

Chazza … went to a playground? So I don’t know what’s happening with her. On the one hand, she didn’t ride the bus home, and that makes me think witch, but she didn’t stay at school, either, and that makes me think she’s human and just rebelling.

Cade – wait a minute, you’re not Cade! Who the hell are you?!

I have no idea. I like his wings, though. At some point in this legacy, I’ll have to try for a fairy heir.

Chazza, I think someone should be concerned about what you’re getting up to after school.

Babs: Come on, honey, you got this! I know you can kick ass!
Carla: Wasn’t Anoki the more athletic one at the beginning of this relationship? And yet now you’re training him. I like it.
Anoki: You *huff* have *puff* more *gasp* time *sucks wind* to *groan* exercise.
Babs: Less talking more working!

So on the one hand, at least Chazza did her homework autonomously, and in a very pretty setting. On the other hand, still not sure whether she’s a witch, and I really want to know for sure, because it has a pretty big impact on who I’m considering for heir.

Oh, wait, she’s running home and not flying. Clearly not a witch. Shame. I do so love her because she’s evil.

So, generation one had a witch and a human and produced two witches.
Generation two had a witch and a human and produced one witch and two humans.

I am intrigued and will keep trying different supernatural combinations.

Also, Stiles, did you go fetch Chazza home? That’s sweet, but where were you when your kids were hanging out at the playground half the night?

Stiles, did you go fetch Chazza home so you could go back to being CREEPY?! THAT IS NOT OKAY.

As a nice change from that, it’s time for kitten picspam!

So this was originally because Dumpling was frantically running all over the house, and I found it adorable, but then I noticed that Abby is surrounded by a cloud of stink so bad she’s grossing herself out. ABBY, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU USED TO BATHE AT THE DROP OF A HAT!

Abby: You used to feed me, too.


Dumpling: I know there’s a witch in here!

Looks like someone on the bed knows you’re there, too, sweetie.

Abby is still surrounded by a stink cloud, and Cesaro (… I think, crap, I am bad at telling Sim kids apart. Did not see that coming, but more than two is getting to me) hates the dirty dishes on the table in front of them. Clean them up then, kid!

… I actually can’t blame Stiles for looking like that, considering what happened the last time Babs cast a spell on him.

But come on, Stiles, she very clearly just cast a good luck spell because she needs to build up her magical skill cares about you! Be happier, man!

Slightly better, Stiles. Still not great, though.

Babs continues her quest to build up her magical knowledge by making things unbreakable. Thankfully, this is a two birds, one stone situation, because we desperately need unbreakable things in this legacy, particularly with Stiles around so often.

OH MY GOD, CHAZZA, LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE YOU ARE! I’m sad you’re not a witch (AN EVIL WITCH!), but you are still heir material as it is.

Stiles: I’ll kick your butt, kid.
Cesaro: Bring it on, old man!

You two are pretty adorable, too! And wow, Cesaro’s nose must come from Anoki’s side, because he looks very different from his grandfather.

Meanwhile, Cade does his homework (must remember that Cade has orange hair – I am having such a hard time distinguishing one from the other), like a good heir would do, right Cade?

Cade: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just love to learn.


And Chazza dreams about how much she hates school. Chazza, I love you so much.

Meanwhile, Stiles is the only one who celebrates Dumpling’s growth into a cat. Look at how pretty she is!

And with that, it’s alchemy picspam time, because Babs finally got her skill high enough to try to brew a recipe, and I am so excited!

That was brilliant!

Except this is Babs.

Babs looked amazing working on her first potion, but then she looked like that at the end, which, with Babs, is never a good time. She thinks the herbs in the potion smell bad. I have a terrible feeling I know what that means…

I knew it!

Babs, by the time you die, I’m pretty sure you’ll have thrown up more times than all the other torch-holders combined.

Cade: Hi-ho, Silver, away!
Carla: … You heard about the heir race, didn’t you?
Cade: I just like riding this toy horse.
Carla: Right.

Chazza clearly does not take after her mother. She loves technology. That is honestly so much easier than a character who is a technophobe. Even though I haven’t actually managed to get a good screencap of it, I haaaaate how Babs reacts to the television in particular and yet keeps walking through that room all the time.

Aww, look at Dumpling scratching on her treehouse. Such a cutie! I’m so glad they adopted a cat.

Wherever could they be going all together as a family, I wonder?

Yup, as always, family trip to the beach! Well, Babs, Stiles, and the kids, at least. Abby and Anoki are at work, unfortunately. I do still plan to move them, but I have something else in mind, plus now that Stiles is an elder, there’s no telling how long he’ll be around (… well, more or less, but I’ve been fiddling with the age meters), so I thought it was a good time to do one last trip to the beach that has meant so much to the Chaos family.

Carla: Really, Babs? Everywhere you go, you have to grill hot dogs?
Babs: I’m hungry.
Carla: At least don’t drop one on the floor and then put it back, this time.
Babs: I make no promises.

Then she decided to play hackey sack (though that’s not what they call it in the Sims; I can’t remember what it’s called, kickybag, maybe?) while some strange fairy watched. It’s a good thing your family isn’t here with you at the beach or anything, Babs.

For once, that look of terror is fitting, because the more magic Babs learns, the more curses she wants to put on people. For example, this poor woman is her first …

… frog head curse. As in, kiss a frog and it turns into a prince back into a normal Sim.

I feel very, very sorry for their neighborhood. Babs still has a lot of magic to learn, and that means casting quite a few spells. Unfortunately, most of the ones she has available right now are curses.

The cat dreams of cat food. That is both adorable and worrisome.

(Yes, that’s Anoki on the computer.)

OKAY, CESARO, IT ISN’T ANY LESS CREEPY WHEN YOU DO IT! This is not how to become heir.

Cade and Chazza play tag. Cade, I’m not sure I’d turn my back on her, the way she gets so happy when she hits people.

Cade: What could go wrong?


Chazza: Are you an idiot?! Of course the touring production of Hamlet is terrible, they tried to set it in the 80s with a stadium rock soundtrack!
Chazza: *so happy to be arguing she gains life points*

Look at Dumpling! She’s so happy to be brushed!


Everyone loves watching Dumpling play with her toy.

Does this look like some subtle undercover shit or what? I kept expecting them to exchange flash drives or little microchips or something.

That’s okay, though, because here comes Babs to break it up.

Babs casts a love spell this time. According to the Sims, a love spell is a nice spell, not a curse. They clearly haven’t thought through what a love spell actually means. (In-game, it makes you fall in love with the next person you talk to, no matter whether you have a relationship, any interest in that person, they have a relationship, any interest in you, etc. It’s pretty terrible, actually.)

And then he ended up with a broken heart, so see? Love spells are not awesome great things.

Stiles: Um, no, we don’t have a secret stash of diamonds somewhere.
Chazza: Oh. Well. We will should. In an underground cave, maybe. With a secret entrance through a haunted house.
Carla: Chazza, I think your evil is showing.
Chazza: *preens*

Abby still wears her adorable sheep pajamas and practices magic at strange hours. I still love her a lot.

Dumpling: That’s my witch right there! She’s amazing.
Carla: Um, no, you are meant to be Babs’ familiar. She’s the one who needs the bonus you give to learning magic!
Dumpling: I can be here for all witches.
Carla: Good.

Pretty sure Cesaro is playing Fast and the Furious. Between that and being a witch, you’re making a comeback, kid! You might oust the evil but human Chazza yet. (And then there’s poor Cade…)

Babs: Oh, god, why would anyone call that art?! Destroy it! Remove it from my sight!


Oh, goody, alchemy. Here we go again. Tell me you’ve gotten better and you aren’t going to be disgusted by your own creation.


Babs: What? I’m the one who feels this way!

But I have to watch. Ugh.

Cesaro and Abby bond over video games, adorably.

Chazza: It would only take one bomb, strategically placed, and I could shake the government’s stability.
Cade: I’m worried about you, sister.
Carla: As you should be! Babs, no trying to take over the world before you’re a teenager.

Abby: GET OUT, I need to bathe!
Babs: *hworf*
Carla: *headdesk* There are two bathrooms. And also, SERIOUSLY, BABS?!

Not reading the werewolf book, alas.

Now for some more Babs cursing Sims pic spam, fire and ice version:

… I’m going to count it as a fire, too. Because I want higher counts, and the way Babs loves fire, I might as well.

Carla: Stop wanting to curse people and go to bed then!
Babs: … nah.

Carla: That’s what you get when you hang out in the cemetery! GO HOME!

In real life, I would be furious that a cat was allowed on the kitchen counters, but in game, she is too adorable to stop.

Stiles still autonomously cleans, but his cuteness is overshadowed by Dumpling’s. LOOK AT THE SLEEPING KITTY.


Abby: But I love you!
Babs: Daaaaaaad!
Carla: Oh, god, no, cannot do this.

Abby: Oh, Stiles, my love, I’ll miss you so. Thank you for everything.
Babs: *sobs*
Grim Reaper: Come along, sir. You’ll like where we’re going.
Carla: Nooooooooooooo, my girls are so sad.

Abby: *sobs*
Babs: *sobs*
Grim Reaper: Um, excuse me, I’m kind of on a schedule here…

Chazza: I can’t get into the room to mourn Grandpa because the Grim Reaper is in my way!

Dumpling: *mourns*
Carla: Oh, god, I can’t handle this.

Okay, okay, something good to distract us all, something good to distract us all…

Moving day night!

And a gorgeous starry sky.

Here’s the whole family lined up at the new place. I knew they’d have to move houses eventually because of the weird invisible horse, and when it was time to move them, I decided to switch neighborhoods, too, to Moonlight Falls, which is the neighborhood that comes with the Supernatural expansion pack, and therefore has more things for supernatural Sims to do.

Dumpling, Chazza, Anoki, Abby, Babs, Cade, and Cesaro, welcome to a world of supernatural creatures. Well, you know, more so than the witches you already know and love.

New house. I actually did all the building and decorations myself, which means it is basically just another rectangle, just on a larger scale, but I do like some of the decorations. The bedroom at the bottom of the screen is Abby’s bedroom, since she now sleeps alone; right across from it is one of the bathrooms. To the right is the media room, which houses most of the electronics, and to the left is the kitchen, open plan to the dining room, the alchemy station, and a little art and reading nook. Next to that is the master bathroom, and at the top, right to left, are the rest of the bedrooms. Babs and Anoki have the first one, the nursery is in the middle, and the kids’ room is on the far left, with another television and game console. Shortly after this, I added a big porch onto the back for outdoor cooking and an exercise space.

Of course, the first thing that happens is Anoki and Chazza fighting, because Chazza is a dick to everyone, and she loves it. Clearly. Oh, Chazza, you are a delight.

BABS! Didn’t you learn anything the last two times?! I’ll catch you in the bathroom later, I guess.

Abby, Chazza, and Cesaro bond over a Tony Hawk game. This is too, too adorable. (And see the little face and plus sign? That’s Abby gaining influence over the nerds, who like video games.)

AND THEN THERE’S CADE BEING A LONER. Oh, Cade, aren’t you a delight? You’re playing the exact same game, but by yourself all the way across the house. This is shades of Abby, and it bumps you to the top of the heir race. (Sort of. There’s still Cesaro’s witchery and Chazza’s evilness. This is an even tighter heir race than last time!)

Dumpling got to spend some time playing in the toilet (which is gross in reality, but kind of adorable in the game), but she didn’t get to stay there for long, because…

… sure enough, Babs came bolting in here shortly after. God, Babs, STOP THROWING HERBS INTO THINGS, IT NEVER GOES WELL FOR YOU.

Now it’s Anoki’s turn to game with Cesaro, while Chazza and Dumpling watch. That cat is too, too adorable. Look at her stripes!

OH HELL NO! We will be having none of that, Babs. No discarded clothes for this house!

(This was where I learned you don’t need a washer and dryer to trigger the abandoned clothes, just a single hamper on the lot. I got rid of that immediately.)

First, Abby checks herself out, adorably.

Abby: Yes, yes, still awesome.
Carla: Indeed.

And then she continued to autonomously play with her magic, which was even more adorable in the mirror. And a little twisted fairy tale, right there.

THESE TWO. First they take an adorable normal picture together, even though Babs is all sweaty and exhausted from her workout (and Chazza, in the background, absolutely loves the new lights)…


AND THEN THERE’S THIS. Maybe if you weren’t so busy taking stupid pictures with your husband, you wouldn’t have to bolt for the bathroom so often. (At least not to pee. I’ve given up on you not vomiting.)

Partial family dinner! Anoki has gone off to work, I think, and I have no idea where Cesaro has taken himself. Maybe he hid from the disgusting mess on their plates. Who cooked that? At least one of you should know better!

While everyone else is at work or at school, Babs heads out to explore the new town. Her first stop is Aleister’s Elixirs and Sundries, which is the alchemy store in the neighborhood. It’s pretty!

Unfortunately, Count Snypes, who is the consignment specialist, does not like Babs at all. The feeling is mutual; they spent the entire time fighting. Witches and vampires, man. They just can’t get along. (I say, knowing it will entertain thestalkysims.)

After an uneventful trip around town, Babs went home and challenged Abby to a friendly magical duel. (Well, I say friendly, but Babs is the one who froze her father and tried to freeze her mother when she was just a brand-new teenage witch, so who knows, really.) Of course, they do it in the bathroom, where it is hard to get a good shot without the walls down.

Chazza: Oh come on, Grandma! You can kick her butt better than that!
Carla: Thanks for that, Chazza. So useful.

I really love magical duels!

Abby won this round, clearly.

Abby: Wisdom before youth, daughter mine.
Babs: I’ll get you next time, Mom. *grumble*

The new school has no playground, but a gorgeous fountain and a bunch of chess tables. I guess Cesaro will be learning logic from here until he becomes a teenager. Sorry you don’t get to play on the playground equipment like your Mom and Uncle did.

Meanwhile, Cade bonds with Dumpling. So precious!

Founder portrait! It’s actually a good thing the aging is so wonky in my game still, otherwise Babs wouldn’t have had the time to increase her painting skill enough to do this.

What’s going on here? Oh, nothing except a delightfully cruel witch playing with her familiar in front of her terrible alchemy station.

I have literally no idea what’s going on here, but it looks dramatic!

It’s Cade’s birthday! And I have it arranged so that there’s no way to take pictures without the walls being down, because I am an idiot. Ah well, everyone is there to celebrate but his dad, who is at work. Cade added the absent-minded trait. (That’s Nicholas Goddard playing video games in the background; he came home with Chazza after school and just refused to leave.)

Anoki came home, and the first thing he did was train his newly teenaged son. (This kept disturbing Babs, who was trying to sleep, and is why I end up building the big porch.) I think Anoki is pushing Cade just a little too hard. Look at his poor face!

OMG STILES! The first ghost of the legacy! Hi, Stiles! We miss you.

And so begins Cade’s new favorite hobby: playing with the soccer ball all over the house. (Also, it looks like his father’s training is helping, because damn, for a brand new teenager, his arms are ripped. Wow.)


Babs: I’m strangely sad today, and thinking about Stiles a lot. (*quiet* And I really love pancakes.)
Cesaro: Ghosts are terrible, I don’t believe in them, I’m so upset I’ve put my hand through my homework.
Stiles: *smug* Upsetting the family first thing in the morning, my work here is done.

Stiles: Man, haunting really works up an appetite.

Babs, I love you so much. (I think she’s judging art here.)

Aww, what a nice, sweet mother-daughter bonding moment.

Um, Abby?


So much for sweet family moments.

Oh, yay! There is a playground at the school after all. Have fun, Cesaro!

Abby: I feel … weird. Sparkly. SO SPARKLY. – OH MY BACK.
Carla: Abbbbbbby.

And then Abby became an elder. I love you, Abby. Please don’t leave us any time soon!

See? Almost the only thing Cade does is practice soccer tricks.

Anoki still loves taking pictures with people. I love this picture because look at Abby’s ridiculous cat sweater! She’s such a silly old witch.

The other thing Cade does is sometimes play catch with various family members. For all Cade looks feisty there, he and Anoki played a lot nicer than Abby and Babs did!

Cade: Oh, wow, Grandma’s got skills!
Abby: Damn straight, kid! I’ll school you all no matter how old I get.

Cade: Mom does not have skills.
Carla: That’s not what her dormmates thought!
Babs: *cares not for anyone’s criticism*

That’s what you get for staying up all night playing sports! You go to school exhausted, you pass out instead of getting on the bus home.

There’s … there’s a lot to take in here. First of all, even after passing out in public, Cade is so exhausted he goes straight to bed when he comes home. Straight to bed via climbing up the ladder that is technically against a wall. While surrounded by noxious green stink fumes.

Cade, you may not be a witch, but you’ve got some hidden talents.

Cade: Can’t talk, must sleep.

Is there an epidemic of exhaustion in the house?! I think Abby is just napping, not passed out, but I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell when it comes to the beloved rocking chair.

Babs: Don’t mind me, just chilling with my familiar, like the badass I am.
Carla: I love you both.

Adorable witch and familiar picspam!

… well that’s just a lovely family gathering right there.

Chazza: All I said was that if we got rid of all the stinky boys, there’d be more money for me the family.

Babs? What’s up, honey?

Oh! Birthday time! And your kids could not care less, though Abby is cheering you on like a good mother. Welcome to full adulthood, Babs! You’re a dear.

Um, horse, I think you are having some issues.

(And stay away from the house! I can’t handle another phantom horse situation.)


You kids need to stop climbing through the walls!

Babs: All I’m saying is, the horses around here better stay away! We just got a brand new house. I won’t listen to those phantom cries all the time, not again!
Anoki: I know, it was terrible. These pancakes are delicious, though.

Babs is in a grumpy mood, which means it’s a great time to go out and get some more magic practice. First she casts a love spell on this woman, even though from the looks of her, it’s something painful instead.

See? Love spell! At least this woman treats it like the curse it is!

She wasn’t as nice to this woman, who is now being haunted by the ghost behind her. Poor woman.


Babs cast a fire blast spell, and then did this, and I love her.

Birthday time for the twins! Chazza is up first, and she gets Mom, Grandma, and big brother to cheer her on. And Faith McDuff, who came from school with Cade.

Hi, Chazza! Welcome to teenagerdom. That outfit is terrible. She added the vehicle enthusiast trait, which I thought sounded amazing, but, spoiler, never really came into play during her time left.

(Chazza, honey, those shorts are terrible.)

Meanwhile, Cesaro grows up out front all by himself. That’s what happens when you don’t come straight home after school, but instead faff about and then ride the broom home. You could have had cake, kid. CAKE!

(Okay, yeah, there’s been plenty of cake in the house.)

Cesaro added the dislikes children trait, which will be a pain if he ends up heir. Thanks for that, Cesaro. You’re a peach.

Make-over time! Chazza is gorgeous. I love that shirt in particular.

Cesaro! Look at the puppy on his shirt!

And because I can barely tell the boys apart as it is, Cade grew out his hair. Which is naturally pink, thanks to Abby’s genes. Since pink is for real a hair color that can be genetically passed on, thanks, Sims!

Torch-Holders: 2
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/1
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 2 (+1)
Self-Wettings: 5
Fires: 3 (+2)
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
Tags: chaos legacy, games, sims 3

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  • [Meme] Horror Movies

    From gwynnega: Horror Movie I Hate: I was thinking I don't really hate horror movies, I generally find them wonderful, overrated, boring, or…

  • [travel] Wiscon

    I'm headed back to Wiscon! This year, I'll be there from sometime Thursday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Let me know if you'll be there and you…

  • [life] Happy New Year

    Quick roundup of 2017: It was a dumpster fire. I did lots of volunteering, and sometimes that was terrible, but mostly it was good. I wrote 550k…