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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 3.1 (LJ Only)

Previously on the Chaos legacy: Babs finished the second half of university, where she reconnected with Anoki Moon (why he’s not a werewolf with that name, I do not know. Way to miss a great opportunity, Sims 3!) and they fell in love. After her heartbreak with Samantha Grey (who actually was a werewolf), it was nice how easily the relationship progressed with Anoki. (I particularly love them bowling together.) Pretty much everyone Babs had ever met turned up for graduation (except for Stiles, I realize, which – way to fail at being a Sims dad, Stiles!*), but Abby stole the show by streaking during the ceremony. Oh, Abby, former torch-holder, I love you so much! Babs moved back to the legacy house, and very quickly married Anoki and became pregnant with the first of generation three. (She was just as pukey during pregnancy as everything else, of course, and Babs by far holds the record of how many times I’ve ever seen a Sim throw up. Unfortunately. Neither of us enjoy it much.) The last update, and the generation two updates, ended with the birth of Cade, the first potential heir of generation three, who is excitable and athletic.

(*Definitely only a knock to Sim parenting. Real world parents have billions of reasons they might not be able to attend graduation. My mom was hospitalized right before I graduated from law school, and so not only could my parents not attend, even though they’d been planning their trip since the day I moved to Michigan to start school, but only one of my siblings was able to show up, with her husband and J along too. It was really disappointing, but I felt worse for my parents than I did for myself.)

(HOW ARE WE ALREADY TO GENERATION THREE?! It’s going by so fast! I say like a cliché.)

First thing Babs does is competently put baby Cade into his crib. Good, because we need to fill the other crib too. Get to it, woman.

Babs: Yes, it’s such a punishment to have sex with my gorgeous husband.
Carla: Make. Another. Baby!

The first sign that something has gone terribly wrong with your house expansion is when butterflies suddenly appear in the media room. I didn’t take this as a bad sign, but I certainly should have done!

Babs: *smug* Look what I made.
Carla: Good grief, Babs, that is AMAZING. We’re hanging that one on the wall.
Babs: *preens*

Stiles: I don’t feel old enough to be a grandfather.
Carla: You don’t look it, either, because my settings are so messed up.

Good, good, get right to making baby #2. Always a joy when the Sims don’t balk at creating the next generation.

However, GET YOUR SHOES OFF THE BED! That will never not annoy me.

Babs: You’re so sexy and smart and funny. *swoons*
Anoki: *preens* You’re not so bad yourself, dear wife.

I love how they love each other.

Why are you making that face?! Are you about to insult her? I WILL DESTROY YOU.

Oh! You’re just blowing her a kiss!

Anoki: What kind of man do you think I am, anyway?

Sorry, dude. I take back that threat to destroy you.

(Also, how ridiculous and adorable can they be?! SO ADORABLE AND RIDICULOUS.)

Babs: Why is that terrible television on? You’re not even watching it!
Anoki: *why does my wife hate progress?*

Electronics-hating Babs decided to take her meal all the way in there to spend time with her family (Stiles and Abby are both in the room, too). Fail, Babs. Or sweet, I’m not sure which. Bad decision, no matter what.

Awww. Anoki is a great dad, and Stiles wants to be a good grandfather, but no one likes a crying baby.

Also, Anoki is ripped, damn. I can see why Babs checks him out so often.

Abby: Good grief, are you still standing there? Come on, son, I need to grandparent here!

Anoki, how do you keep beating everyone else to the baby and causing a pile-up of care? Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. I love it.

Carla: Oh, Abby, how much do I love you? SO MUCH.

Abby: Now look at me cuddling with my grandson. I am such a great adult. A+ adulting here.

Look how adorable she is with her grandson.

Babs? Pregnancy, or did you throw herbs in a fire or drink bad soda?

Babs: I! DON’T! CARE!

Look what came bounding past! I love all the little details the Sims 3 designers included.

(We have a family joke about one of us mispronouncing bounding as boodinh, as an adult, which is hilarious in person and difficult to write. Just know that every time I come to this part of the write up, I laugh myself to tears because of it.)

Babs isn’t feeling bad enough to stop painting, though. Look at how gorgeous that palette is, with all the paint colors smeared.

Stiles: Huh, I thought my family would want to celebrate with me. Oh well, what should I wish?
Family: *can’t figure out how a door works*
Carla: … You are idiots en masse.

Well, at least Anoki and Babs made it into the room to cheer him on! Watch as Stiles sparkles a lot…

… and becomes the legacy’s first elder. Aww, Stiles. Thanks for being so awesome with Abby. I hope you have a long and happy life as an elder.

Again, Babs? You must be pregnant, I haven’t seen you with a single herb or alchemy attempt or can of soda yet!

Anoki: You okay back there?
Babs: *blargh*

After lots of puking, the best thing to do is go workout, of course. Luckily, she was distracted by her pregnancy realization. The next baby of generation two is on the way! And Babs is super pleased about it. Look at that sweet little smile!

And it’s Cade’s birthday! Just in time, since the new baby will be here soon. (Also, look, Babs is wearing the same pajamas Abby wore during her pregnancies! I know there’s not a ton of choices, since I play with very little custom content, but I still find that sweet.) Anoki is there to cheer, good job; Stiles comes to cheer, too, but hides half behind the wall. Thanks, dude, that makes for easy photography. Abby was called into work, alas, so she’s missing it.

The first thing toddler Cade did was head for the toy chest. It’s family tradition, after all! Look at his little bald head and his nearly all white outfit, because that makes sense for toddlers, sure. Love the gnome on it, though, and Cade sure is a cute little thing.

Babs: You’ll grow up to do great things, Cade, I just know it. You’ll have a big office and lots of promotions and everyone will love you.
Carla: If he’s heir.
Babs: Everyone will love him no matter what! Don’t you make my kids fight for attention.
Carla: My bad, Babs. I’m sorry.

Babs wanted to teach Cade to talk, so they sat down in the kids’ bedroom. Stiles, of course, came in to sit in the rocking chair and creepily lurk. Cade was playing with the crocodile and the sea dinosaur before Babs started teaching him, and was, of course, adorable. Standard Chaos family here.

Stiles: Ugh, something stinks. I’d better clean up this room immediately.
Carla: I think that’s your daughter, actually. She’s been so busy parenting she hasn’t really bathed since the puke-fest and the workout-fest right after.
Babs: Can you say magical army of velociraptors? Your Uncle Brandon wanted them when he was your age.
Carla: I miss Brandon!

I like where that painting is going, Babs, but that dress is ridiculous. You spend most of your time inside the house. Do you really think you need camo to hide?!

Cade loves to chew on the blocks. I think he and his bald head are adorable.

Anoki: No, kiddo, don’t eat the blocks. Here’s your bottle.

(Yes, I still haven’t bought a high chair. I may never.)

Carla: Why’d Babs teach you to talk first?!

Babs came along to teach him to walk soon enough. It doesn’t look like they’re having much success here, but eventually she managed.

Stiles: Why do you keep breaking?! I hate everything! BEING OLD SUCKS!
Carla: You broke things when you were young, too, don’t even try to front. I have photographic evidence.

Broken sink. Again. Sing out if you know the words: Thanks, Stiles.

Cade: I’m stinky, clean me!
Babs: Can’t, kid, I’m about to stinky myself.

She didn’t, though. Which is probably for the best, considering Cade is right there, but I thought we’d get to add to the legacy count, so I’m sad.

Babs: Hi, baby! I can’t wait to meet you, baby! You’re so sweet already. You’ll love your big brother Cade.

Babs really seems to enjoy being pregnant.

Cade: I want … something. I don’t know what. Help me, Grandpa.
Stiles: Can’t help you, kid, because I can’t get to you. There’s too much floor in the way.
Carla: … right.

Carla: Didn’t your mother have the same fear about you?

Clearly, Babs should have been more worried about whether she was having one baby or two! We have our first twins of the legacy! Babs is holding Chazza here, and she is excitable like big brother Cade and a virtuoso like her mother.

Poor Cesaro was born first, and promptly placed on the floor so Babs could continue with her labor. He’s a heavy sleeper who loves the outdoors. (thestalkysims [and any other WWE fans reading this] is cheering right now.)

Cesaro: *quiet baby*

Thank god for grandparents, right, Babs?

Babs: Wha? Do I hear voices? Is someone talking to me? *hasn’t slept in daaaaays*

Anoki: What are you talking about, the babies cry too much? Chazza is nice and quiet.
Babs: *headdesk*
Stiles: *facepalm*

Oh, hey, birthday time for Cade already! This time, everyone but the babies was there to celebrate.

Anoki: Look to the stars, son. There are stories in them, but even more important, science. We’ll find the answers to our world in the stars.
Cade: Uh huh. I’ve been a child for about thirty seconds now, but sure, I’ll get right on sciencing things.

Cade grew into a bald child who still wears gnome t-shirts. Cade, you are a delight. He also added the neat trait. Convenient, and also, very Chaos-like.

Anoki: But do I have to play tag? I’M HUNGRY.
Carla: Your son is right there. Maybe don’t let him know what a chore it is to play with him.

Man, these two day life stages mean there are birthdays all the time. First up for the twins is Chazza.

Stiles: Can you hurry up? I’m a starving old man over here!

And Cesaro.

Anoki: Yay, kid! *computercomputercomputer*
Carla: Maybe Babs has a point with her tech hate.

Aww, sparkly Cesaro. I must have missed grabbing Chazza. Cesaro added the inappropriate trait, and Chazza added evil. Let me be perfectly frank here, odds are extremely high she’ll be heir based on that alone. I find evil Sims hilarious to play.

Oh, Chazza! Look at you climbing into the toy chest and being delightful.

ABBY, WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT THIS – wait, are you swooning over a zombie? I know Stiles got old and all, but come on! This is not Warm Bodies, there will be no zombie love story!

Oh, okay, apparently you just find zombie attacks hilarious now. Good to know.

Nearly synchronized toddler wailing. Awesome.

Cesaro and Chazza continue the family trend of being adorable toddlers. LOOK AT THEM!


(No idea, I didn’t write it down. And it looks like he’s not a witch, if he’s going to other people’s houses after school. That makes me sad; I was hoping Babs would pass that down, too. He’s probably out of the heir race, then, but we’ll see what happens with Cesaro and Chazza. [I mean, like I said, the evil trait will be hard to beat anyway. If she’s also a witch, well …)

Cade: Hey, I’m doing my homework, what more do you want?
Carla: Yes, yes, very important, A+ job. So proud of you.

Well that is certainly unnerving. After thestalkycop made that comment about locking up the electronics like in The Ring, I know expect Samara to come climbing out of that.

Let’s focus on something nicer – like this little legacy surprise, inspired by sammyfrog.

Yup, the Chaos family is getting a cat! I’m highly allergic, and so have not spent much time with them, but everyone I know who has ever had one loved it to death, and I think pets in Sims 3 are fantastic, so here we go. (Also, witches get a boost from having a familiar, and Babs needs all the boosts she can get. We have a long way to go until she’s magically talented enough to reach her LTW.)

My timing could have been better, though. The woman from pet adoption (Patrice Hathaway) showed up in the middle of the twins’ birthday. Sorry, Chazza!

Meet Dumpling Chaos, a rescue cat from the animal shelter, who immediately fell asleep and dreamed about food. She’s already adorable. She’s also adventurous and noisy, so that should be fun!

But when she woke up, she was super friendly and wanted to meet everyone. Chazza first, though!

She’s so tiny! Her play tower is so big! I am so charmed!


Cade: School sucks. I wish it was the weekend.
Chazza: I am so excited about school! All the new people to meet and torment befriend.
Cesaro: Do you think there will be a lot of people at school? *frets*

Ah, kid pictures! Cade, Chazza, and Cesaro go to school, the first time for the twins. We’ll find out if they’re witches soon enough.

Babs feeds Dumpling a treat and then lets her sniff her hand, which is all so adorable with this tiny kitten that I can’t even stand it.


Oh dear.

So, as I posted a long while back, when I expanded the house to make room for twins and more than two kids in a generation, something must have gone wrong, because shortly after, I started hearing random horse noises whenever the camera was focused on the nursery. This went on for awhile, and it is just as weird as you can imagine. I’ve had issues with horses walking through walls before, so I kept trying to remove pieces of the house to see if it was hidden somewhere. Never could find it, though.


It is about this time that two things happened: I was reminded of an old roommate’s cat, who used to sit at the floor and stare up at the corner over my head when I would write in the dining room late at night (SO CREEPY); and I realized the Chaos family would have to move house soon.

In all honesty, I could probably handle the creepy cat staring, because I love horror, but the horse noises were so annoying. However, I didn’t want to turn off my sound, because often it lets me know there’s something strange going on that I need to find (e.g., Brandon searching for monsters under the bed).

So there will be a huge change coming soon, because the saying is go big and to a new home, right?

Torch-Holders: 2
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 1
Self-Wettings: 5
Fires: 1
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
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