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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 2.5 (LJ Only)

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: We said good-bye to Abby as the torch-holder (and I spent a great deal of time typing her name and then having to edit it to read “Babs” instead, because I miss her), and to Brandon as a regular character (spoiler: I thought he would show up around town, but we have, alas, seen the last of Brandon in the game. In later generations, I am trying to be better at inviting the spares over to the legacy house, because they don’t turn up in town the same way they seem to in Sims 2). Babs the Heir took over as torch-holder and headed off to the first half of university, where she lived in a women’s dorm filled with the messiest Sims I’ve ever seen, dated a werewolf (as with her mother’s first partner, it went badly) and passed all her classes with flying colors (she had five classes), celebrated at the beach, and was cheered by the people around her as she left for summer break at home.

(S3 University sends the Sims home between sessions, but you don’t actually have to wait before reenrolling, so there isn’t anything to see from her brief time at home.)

Babs is back for the second half of university, which is much shorter with a much lighter schedule (three classes, one rabbit-hole, one lecture, and one activity). I’m not worried about how Babs will do in her classes, because she kicked ass last time with way more to do, but I am a little concerned about the lack of spouse after the fiasco that was dating Samantha the Werewolf.

Good luck, Babs. I’m counting on you to ensure generation three exists.

Babs: Oh, no pressure then, right?


I decided to move Babs into a co-ed dorm this round for a couple of reasons: first, after that bad ending with Samantha, Babs needs a clean start, but also, and really just as important, second, I know this dorm doesn’t have any hampers or a washer and dryer. I am already tired of seeing piles of dirty clothes around the house.

So much for a clean start, though. Already I see some familiar faces!

New dormmates: Derek Khan (hiding behind the bulletin board, fought with Babs last round when she beat him at foosball), Tiffany Angles (almost became Babs’ friend after playing pool with her, until Babs had to flee to the bathroom to throw up bad soda), Anoki Moon (briefly met him at the Meet and Greet the first day of university, but there was no attraction between them), Asala Karam, and Tammy Parker, plus there will be some more later, I think. Three of those names are immediately familiar to me, including asshole Derek. Awesome.

Anoki: You won’t believe the things I’ve seen on this campus! Huge wolf-like dogs, people on brooms, people crawling out of the ground and trying to bite me – it’s wild!
Babs: Yeah. Wild. Certainly never seen anything like that. *waiting for the right time to whip out her wand*
Carla: *dirty*

Anoki immediately started talking to and flirting with Babs. After that big rejection at the end of her last semester, that has to be a bit of a balm for poor Babs. He’s quite a cutie, I wonder if they have any attraction this time around. (And if they do, why they didn’t the first time. I miss the whole “scope the room” action from Sims 2, which let you know who your Sim found attractive in the room. Made the spouse hunt much easier.)

(With the Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack, the one that allows the Chaos family witch legacy, vampires can scope the room in a way, but it’s called hunting, and then they only want to drink from the one Sim they track down as the best at the time. It is both creepy and kind of wonderful.)

Babs: I love your supernatural enthusiasm. *smooch*
Anoki: *swoons*
Carla: *cheers*
A big balm to her wounded ego! They flirted (what’s your sign, flirty jokes, are you single, etc.), and then had their first kiss, no effort on my part at all. A+ job on the spouse hunt, Babs. I didn’t expect you to find someone literally the second you got back to campus.

So much going on here! They became best friends, they both started swooning, and Babs rolled the want to go on a date! Here’s hoping this one goes better than the last one, with Samantha, which was fouled because of the stupid coding behind how witches use their brooms to travel.

At first, I was going to say I have no explanation for this image, but then I realized they are doing the school cheer. Oh, boy, Anoki must have a solid jock reputation for that to be happening autonomously already. (The University expansion pack added the concept of social groups; basically, by interacting with people and certain objects, Sims can gain reputation points with one of three groups: jocks, nerds, and rebels. A Sim can have high levels with all three, and some of the interactions are pretty fun, but I tend to ignore this part of game play quite a bit.)

The final benefit to moving into this dorm instead of back into the same-sex dorm is that it is much closer to downtown, close enough that they can walk to the bowling alley for their date. No broom needed, no accidentally leaving your date behind to paint on her own, right, Babs?

I love that you can see the Sims through the window. Too cute.

Babs: Stand back everyone, I’ve got this.
Anoki: I … have a bad feeling about this.

This is my first time playing a Sim at the bowling alley. Even though I am not much a fan of bowling, I like it a lot. (Well, that’s not entirely true. I like the theory of bowling a lot: hanging out with friends and family, throwing things at other things, laughing and drinking. However, I am a terrible bowler and have been since I was a kid. When I was younger, we would often have church bowling events, and I hated them, because I hate things I am bad at. Of course, I never put in the time to learn, because I was terrible and I hated it. I am trying to teach myself to be bad at things (e.g., taking pottery classes, though that backfired), and I have enjoyed bowling in the past few years, but I am still terrible at it, and I am still not thrilled at being terrible at it.)

That being said, I love Sims bowling, so brace yourself for pic spam.

Carla: Babs! Are you checking out his ass?
Babs: Yes, of course, and it is fine. I think I’m going to like senior year.

(Also, Babs is clearly an even worse bowler than I am. At least I’ve never landed flat on my face.)

Babs: YES I AM A BOWLING GOD! *leaves more than half of the pins upright*
Anoki: *unimpressed*
Carla: *unimpressed*


You make the BEST faces.

First photo booth of the legacy! No sexytimes this round, just good old-fashioned fun pictures. That I forgot to look at and get a copy for you guys, sorry. (Spoiler: I eventually put them up on the walls of the legacy house. Eventually.)

Carla: Yes, Babs, that’s what this date needed, hot dogs.
Babs: I’m hungry.
Carla: … well okay then. Continue to autonomously take care of yourself.

Babs: WHOOPS! *picks it up and puts it back on the grill* No one saw that.
Carla: *facepalm* Did you learn nothing from your neat parents?

Oh, right, you haven’t seen Babs’ new room yet. Here it is, with no pesky electronics to annoy her. I added the easel, because she needs to get cracking on her painting skill, and it will improve her grades. (Improve them to what? She’s already doing fab.)

Well this relationship is progressing faster than anticipated!

Anoki: *dreams about buying a house with Babs*
Babs: *dreams about all the terrible art in the world*

Since they’re doing so well on their own when it comes to relationship building, I decided it was time for Babs to pop the question. No, not that question, but the first in the series leading to that question, which is to ask Anoki to go steady with her. Adorable.

Babs: I love how much time we’ve been spending together, and you’ve made me so happy. I think we’re pretty good together. Maybe you want to go steady with me?

Anoki: Of course I do. *whispers sweet nothings into her hear* *smooches*

HE DOES! I guess the Chaos family just can’t settle down with the first person they date.

LIKE I SAID, this relationship is moving along just fine without me. And once again, Babs, that is not your dorm room, and you are wearing your shoes on (and about to hook up in) someone else’s bed!

Tammy Parker: Oh no, what are you two doooooooooing in my bed? I am so embarrassed for you.
Babs: Little busy here.
Carla: Literally just noticed the grim reaper over your shoulder. That’s – creepy.

Anoki: Oh that was so embarrassing. I can’t believe Tammy walked in on us. *frets*
Carla: Sure wasn’t embarrassing enough to stop you from going ahead with your woohoo!

Babs: No ugly art? You promise? I love you! *leaps into his arms*
Anoki: *pleased*

Anoki: No, really, why did Tammy have to walk in? So embarrassed.
Carla: Once again, you chose to use her bed! However, I love that you autonomously clean. You’ll fit right into the Chaos legacy.
Anoki: The what now?
Carla: … never mind.

Babs attends her last lecture of her college career. Pretty sure everyone on campus has senioritis, whether or not they are about to graduate, because she is literally the only student who showed up.


Yes, yes, work out your aggressions in the gym.

And on the canvas! It can’t be worse than your father’s first painting.


Babs and Anoki Date: Round Two. I hope it goes as well as the first. I wanted to send them to the beach, but it is too far away from the dorm, so they have to stay home. (I will figure out a way around this whole broom thing, I swear.) They start with some flirting and kissing.

Then move on to a quick meal because they are both nearly starving, but it is interrupted by Babs’ hatred of the sound the dishwasher makes, even though she’s not even in the kitchen while it is running. The date went okay, but not super great because of all this mess.

Upstairs, Babs lights a fire in the fireplace using her magic. NICELY DONE. I love Sims 3 witches.

… I may have to take back what I said about your painting being so much better than your father’s paintings, damn.

Microwave dinner for her next meal, because the uncooked hot dogs look unappetizing, I guess. Either that or she’s afraid someone will catch her dropping them on the floor this time. Ha.

And then bonfire time! Guess the zombies weren’t polite enough to put it out when they were done. That’s okay, though, Babs is enjoying it a lot, and so am I. Look at how tall and pretty the flames are!

Sims can throw various things into bonfires, depending on what they’re carrying. After her foraging last semester, Babs wanted to throw some of her herbs into it. Gorgeous colors, really, but Babs hated the stench of the burnt herbs and headed inside.

Babs: Thanks for posing, Anoki. You’re doing great.
Anoki: I love this! Look at how dynamic I am!
Derek: What is wrong with you two? People are trying to eat and clean in here!
Carla: Liar! No one ever cleans in there but Anoki!

She wanted to draw Anoki, while jackass Derek looked on. Probably wondering why they’re doing it in the middle of the kitchen and blocking everyone’s access to the dishwasher and the microwave. I’m actually on his side this time.

Babs: Check it out!
Anoki: Oh my god, babe, that’s amazing! I look great, and you have such skills!

Based on what I can see in that sketchbook, Anoki is way too easily pleased. Or very supportive. Or both.


No, Babs isn’t pregnant. The smell of the herbs made her sick. I’m pretty sure I’ve now seen her throw up as many times as Abby did, and Babs hasn’t yet reached the pregnancy stage of this legacy. That’s going to be awesome. /deep sarcasm

That was how she ended the semester, too. After puking, she went to bed, and then woke up (starving, probably because she could neither eat nor keep anything down the night before) to receive her perfect GPA. Babs has completed university! Go, Babs!

To celebrate, she played some pool by herself (there’s a pool table upstairs in the dorm, but she never wanted to play until she was waiting on graduation). You look so intense, Babs! You’re only playing yourself, you know.

Babs: To master yourself is the greatest test.

Okay then.

Babs invited basically everyone she knows, except Samantha, to graduation. You can just see Abby entering the building. She didn’t even stop to say hello to her daughter. Hi, Abby! I miss you!

Babs in her graduation gown, surrounded by people I barely recognize. The people surrounding her are not other graduates, who turn up in graduation gowns like Babs did, but people she invited to graduation. Babs, I have literally been with you your entire life, and I don’t think any of these people are your friends. What in the world have you been doing?

(Also, Babs’ gown looks far more like what you wear to graduate with a master’s degree, not a bachelor’s, but I’m going to ignore that.)

ABBY! Hi, Abby, hi! I missed you!

I’m sure you’re all surprised to learn that Abby left graduation early. My assumption is that there were too many people for her. Poor dear looks like she has a headache…

… oh. Not a headache then, just the look she gets when she’s about to do something wild.

Yes, yes, the previous torch-holder, the neat, logical, loner base on which this entire legacy is founded, is the first streaker of the legacy.


Babs celebrates graduation. Normally, you throw your cap, not your diploma, right? Oh well. I don’t think she knows what her mother is up to, and I am highly entertained.

Babs: C’mere, you. I’m so glad Samantha broke my heart so I ended up here with you, even though it sucked at the time?
Anoki: Could we maybe not talk about our exes while making out?
Babs: Done.

Good god, Anoki, she’s successfully cast a good luck charm on you! That’s a good thing! Why do you look like you expect her to curse you?

Anoki: Met Abby at graduation. She told me stories. All the stories.


Much better.

(I see you lurking back there, jackass Derek.)

Oh my god, everyone’s gathered in formal wear to say good-bye to Babs. Some are even cheering her on. THAT IS ADORABLE.

Congratulations, Babs. You did it! I You survived university!

Babs: *smug*

Now for engagement, marriage, babies, and LTW.

Babs: WHAT?! I was going to go home and chill!

Babs returns to the legacy house, and finds three-year-old birthday cake is still, apparently, good. I don’t get it either, Babs.


Babs: So much terrible art in the world. I will show them what’s good. I WILL SHOW THEM ALL.

Babs has no job yet, and I’m not sure she’s ever going to have one. Her LTW isn’t work related (she wants to be a Zombie Master, which means she has to turn 10 Sims into zombies using the reanimation ritual or the potent zombification elixir. The first is a witch skill, the second an alchemist skill. Of course, Babs has been practicing her magic for years, so she’ll be aiming at that first version – also, how much do I love that my torch-holder basically wants to start the zombie apocalypse?! SO MUCH!)

(Spoiler: This turned out to be harder than I ever expected.)

Right now, I’m going to fulfill a few more of her wants and see if we can’t get some benefits up in here. (In Sims 3, you earn happiness points by doing things the Sim wants to do, and you can trade those in for benefits, like people never finding you dull in a conversation [one of my favorites] and, say, multiple births. Just to, oh, randomly name off ones with no intent to use or anything. *innocent*)

Babs wanted to create some street art, and then received the opportunity to earn some money doing it. Already that art degree is paying off. Sort of.

She looks fiendishly delighted to be painting the sidewalk.

Here it is very nearly complete.

Some changes to the legacy house! Kids’ room has been turned into Babs’ room, added another easel because she’s an actual artist, unlike her father, who paints creepy things.

Abby! Playing with magic instead of streaking! That’s the Abby I know and love. Meanwhile, Babs is thrilled to be painting.

Babs needs to build up her magic skills a lot still, even though she’s already far surpassed Abby, who had to focus so much on building logic for her career-based LTW. (I don’t remember ever putting in the details, but she wanted to be a World-Reknowned Surgeon, which meant getting promoted to level 10 in the medical career track.) Here, she’s upgrading the toilet to unbreakable using her magic. This is a much faster way to increase her skill level than simply playing with magic all the time, but it drains her magical reserves faster, too. Still, unbreakable things will be good around this legacy. The sinks will be up soon.

Surprisingly pretty, for practical magic.


Abby? What – what are you doing?

She is autonomously checking herself out, that is what she’s doing. OH MY GOD, ABBY, YOU ARE ADORABLE. I MISS YOU BEING TORCH-HOLDER.

LOOK! I figured out how to get a witch to go somewhere with someone else! If there’s a car around, you can click on it and choose to go to a community lot with a person using the car. Still not as useful as just inviting someone somewhere, but that’s okay.

It’s time to get the next stage of this legacy going, so Babs invited Anoki to come visit from university. It takes 24 hours for a Sim to come visit from out of town. I find that far more charming than it’s intended to be, I think. Then they headed off for a nice surprise.

The beach where Abby and Stiles met and really kicked off this legacy! How romantic.

(I love how it looks like Anoki is making out with her chin because Babs is standing uphill a little.)

Abby: The hours weeks we spent apart were sad, because I missed you so much. I think you should move here and be happy, but even more, I think we should be happy together. Will you marry me?
Anoki: omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

Last time, I said I wished I’d sent Abby and Stiles to the beach for their proposal and wedding. This time, I thought it would be a nice legacy moment to send their daughter to the beach to propose to her boyfriend.

Anoki looks adorably surprised.


And so excited he’s airborn. Yay, Babs!

Babs: I love you, and I take you, and I’ll be a team with you forever.
Anoki: I love you, and I take you, and I’ll be a team with you forever. *whispers* Go team go!
What a beautiful place for a private wedding.

And now it’s time to make a baby, in that brand-new four poster bed. Where you’re wearing your shoes. After being outside. So gross.

Because Babs is so anti-technology as an adult (she never used the laptop or the television as a teen, but it sure didn’t bug her the way it does now!), I’m having to rearrange the house some to get the computer out of her bedroom.

I like to think Anoki is cheering on Abby’s magic.

Anoki: Gimme a W-I! Gimme a T-C-H! Go team witches!
Babs: *Oy, this kid.*

Anoki: C’mon, man, this’ll be great.
Stiles: Well, okay. You seem nice enough, and you make Babs very happy.
Carla: Yes, totally normal, taking pictures with your father-in-law in his underwear.

Anoki is really working hard to charm Babs’ parents, who are both his new in-laws and his new roommates. I guess I can see why.

Yes, Anoki, wearing pajamas, is cheering on Stiles, also wearing pajamas, who plopped down to play a video game, while Babs and Abby sleep in their beds like nothing is weird about this situation at all.

Babs? What is it? Hunger? PREGNANCY?!


Oh, wait, this is Babs, so it’s possible she ate and/or smelled something that made her sick. Probably pregnancy, though.

After puking, Babs was so pissed off she had to walk through a room with a television that I had to wall all the electronics off into their own little room. Good grief, woman.

Yes, Anoki has gone to bed too, while Stiles remains up, playing video games he’s never touched before. Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself.

Abby got called into work for an emergency, and was so flustered that she left through the door. That’s either painful or convenient.

Babs went exploring around town for awhile, and decided to start setting things on fire. It’s magic practice, but that’s what she keeps wanting to do. I’m not sure whether to count them because they are intentional fires. On the other hand, it’s not like there’s a lot else going on in this legacy to make it chaotic, so I might as well.

At least she puts it out after. Clearly what she actually brought home from university, more than a degree and a potential spouse, was a love of fire. I approve.

No sweet pregnancy realization for Babs, unlike when Abby found out she was pregnant (both times). Just a change of clothes and on with life. I love that she kept her boots and tights.

Anoki: *I’m so happy we’re married, I just love her so much, it gets me through the long hours in the kitchen at work*
Babs: We’re having a baby!
Anoki: *OMG NERVES* Yay? YAY!
Abby: Kick ass, football players!
Carla: Abby, focus!
Abby: Oh, right, congrats, you two! I can’t wait to be a grandma. *excited to play video games with the grandkids*

Never fear, Abby still plays with magic, and it is still beautiful. As is that triptych painting on the wall behind her. A+ decorating choice, Carla.

Abby: I can’t get into bed, Stiles is in the way!
Carla: But he’s your husband, you sleep with him all the time. You’ve been married for decades. You have grown children. You are about to become grandparents.

(Glitch in the bed, I figured out, resolved by deleting the bed and buying a new one.)

Carla: Because that is nutritionally sound.

Carla: … sorry, honey. You’re on your own now.

Babs always looks so fiendishly delighted when she plays with magic. I love it.

More pretty decorations, and the books in the corner are part of the alchemy set, because Babs decided she wanted to learn alchemy. Since her LTW isn’t career-oriented, the other three bring home plenty of money, and Babs will be dealing with babies and toddlers for awhile anyway, I decided to let her stay home and focus on magic and offspring.

Babs: Oh, this is interesting. With a rock? And … a frog leg? Amazing!

She has to study a lot before she can start making potions. I can’t wait for that day!

Abby may sometimes fail at feeding herself, but she still autonomously cleans like it ain’t no thing. Also, look at those gloves! What kind of surgeries are you doing at the hospital, honey?!

Abby: You don’t want to know.

Babs: What the hell, Mom? You just kicked your pregnant daughter out of the bathroom!
Abby: I had to pee!
Carla: You guys remember there are TWO bathrooms, right? What are you even doing in that one, Babs? It’s off the electronics room, and you hate it in there.
Carla: Not an excuse for everything!

Babs: Oh, god, I’m so embarrassed, the things I’ve seen.
Abby: Just wait, honey, once you give birth, you’ll really know.
Carla: Oh god.


I love it, especially in that outfit with those boots.

Babs took a quick trip to the cemetery because her LTW involves turning people into zombies. Unfortunately, she still has quite a ways to go before that option even pops up; I wanted to see if she could tell which gravestones would work for it. Nope, not even that.

I love that someone left flowers at this gravestone.

Babs does not look impressed.

Abby: So, so hungry. I can’t even sleep for the gnawing of my stomach. Why won’t someone feed me, please?
Carla: Abbbbbbbbby.

She did give me a bit of a scare when she first got out of bed and clutched her stomach. My lifespans were still wonky here, and I was worried she had somehow ended up pregnant again.


Abby, maybe you should stop being so concerned about the money you are wasting by having the outside lights on (oh, frugal Sims) and worry more about the fact there’s a zombie RIGHT THERE.


Abby: You bit me! Do you know how many germs are in the human mouth? Gross!
Zombie: Thought. More. Fun.
Carla: Well, you certainly seem nonplussed. I wonder if a zombie can turn a witch into a zombie? (My guess: no, because two supernatural parents don’t create mixed supernatural kids, but I guess we’ll see.) Are you craving brains?

Is that how it begins? With a simple cough?

Abby: No, seriously, the human mouth is basically garbage.
Carla: Abby, we literally just talked about this. GO INSIDE.


Apparently screaming so loud she’s scared off the zombie. Good job, Abby! I take it all back. Now maybe GO INSIDE.

Carla: I know, darling woman. Try to get some rest.

Or, you know, frantically clean the shower to make yourself feel better. That is a very Abby thing to do, after all.

Hey, check it out, generation three is on the way!

Babs: I’m so glad I read that pregnancy book -- *shriek* IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS HELP ME MOM
Abby: *freaks the fuck out*


Abby: Man, babies are expensive. I better find some good deals! (Frugal Sims. *sigh*)


Abby: Woman’s gotta eat.
Babs: Hee hee hoooooo. Hee hee hooooooooooo. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurts.



Meet Cade, the first-born of generation three. He’s excitable and athletic so far.

Aww, a new generation is born. Babs looks happy, the other adults are a terrible mess of fail, and I remain delighted by this legacy. Welcome to the world, Cade! Next time, we’ll see if you end up with any siblings or if you get to walk away with the heirship.

Torch-Holders: 2
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 1
Self-Wettings: 5
Fires: 1 (+1)
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
Tags: chaos legacy, games, sims 3

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