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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 2.3 (LJ Only)

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby had the first self-wetting of the legacy, Brandon spent a great deal of time charming his way into my heart and the lead of the heir race before his sister, Babs, was able to show off her personality, and Babs finally grew up into a child, where the heir race has really, truly began (even though I said it began last time when Babs was born, because nope, I dislike babies and toddlers so much it doesn’t really begin until they are all children).

Babs: Diagram a sentence? I don’t know how to diagram a sentence! Twelve hours ago, I was a toddler! How is this my homework already?
Brandom: *frets* *my sister is loud and dramatic*

We’ll start with Babs’ first day at school. I didn’t grab a picture of her getting on the bus, unfortunately, but as soon as the school day ended, I was eager to see whether she would stay with Brandon at school and ride a broomstick home later or get on the school bus and ride home alone. Obviously she stayed at school, so the verdict is in: Babs is a witch!

(Various resources say that things happen around witch toddlers, but I’ve not seen anything yet.)

Aren’t they adorable, doing their homework together? Even if Babs has kind of been tossed into the deep end.

Then they played on the playground equipment, if not together, then at the same time.

Brandon: I can see everything!
Babs: This looked a lot shorter from the ground. I don’t know about thiiiiiiiis.


Babs does not quite have the slide down yet.


Of course, neither does big brother, not all the time.

Babs autonomously brushed her teeth the second she got home. Oh, kid, you are too, too cute.

Brandon: I’m so hungry. SOOOOOO HUNGRYYYYYYY.
Carla: Is that why you’re eating something that looks like BRAINS?!
Carla: Well, I did want to get all the supernaturals into this legacy, so…

Babs: My birthday was yesterday, why is the cake still fresh on the table? Why are the dishes dirty? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HOUSE?
Brandon: MMMMM, CAKE.

(Also, notice Babs’ amazing red shoes. I love that she has mostly neutral-ish colors, and then shocking red shoes. You get to keep those as long as you’re around, kid.)

Babs continues to play with blocks whenever she gets a chance.

Carla: Why does that turtle look so terrified?
Babs: *shoves blocks through its shell*
Carla: Well okay then.

Babs and Brandon spend pretty much all their time together. They go to school together, of course, they do their homework together every day after school, they play at the playground when that’s done, they fly their brooms home, they eat dinner – they really don’t need their parents (or me) much at all.

See? Every. Single. Day.

I was taking this for the cute couple moment, but look at that moon! Look at those stars! Breathtaking.

Abby rolled the want to learn to paint, so I added an easel. Of course, she’s too busy working her way up the medical career (not that you can tell, since I have no UI captures), so Stiles is the first person to use it, and he paints – that.

You may be musically talented, Stiles, but it hasn’t carried over to painting.

It didn’t take long for him to return to his beloved rocking chair, though.

More after school homework, but mostly I wanted to show you that school building. It’s prettier than I expected.

I was trying to get a good shot of the kids playing when I realized Abby flies right past them every night on her way home from work. Great parenting there, Abby. Leave your two young children playing alone, at night, in an empty playground.

Abby: Painting go splodey now.

Abby sold Stiles’ excellent painting, and it exploded into flying paint. That’s certainly interesting. (Moreso than the painting itself, really.) How can I get in on this splodey painting action?

Family dinner, and not only are they finally all sitting down together, but the walls are up! Amazing job, Carla. Amazing.

… Babs, where in the world did you get that haircolor?

Babs: Hi-ho Silver, away!
Carla: … really?
Babs: *heir race is mine*
Carla: You are too cute, kid. Plus look at the tracks/shadows on the carpet. Nice detail.

It’s the weekend, so I sent the family to the beach where their parents first met and fell for each other. It’s as beautiful as ever. *swoon*

Of course, the first trip didn’t work out. It is really hard to get a witch to go places with anyone, because witches default to riding their brooms. So I had to send Abby home and try again. She got home just in time for the shower to break. Excellent. That’ll put her in a good mood. *headdesk*

Still could not figure out how to get Abby to go with them, so I cheated and had Stiles take the kids. I don’t even care that I cheated, they were having a family day at the beach, damn it!

Without Abby also in the cab. *headdesk* *headdesk* *facepalm* *headdesk*

Babs: Ooooh, the water’s co—what’s that? IT’S A FISH. COME HERE FISHY!
Carla: Such pretty scenery. *swoon*

That is some A+ parenting, letting your kid swim for the first time until she’s being overwhelmed by the waves (though that looks much more like fog).

Abby: What? I’m right here.
Babs: Brother, brother, must find my brother.
Carla: You two are some of the most co-dependent siblings I’ve seen.

Abby does not care as much for the fishies as Babs does.

Abby: Time to go home!
Babs: Yay sun, sand, surf, I’m so full of energy.
Carla: I bet she falls asleep on the way home. Also, look at how pretty it is. Again. As always!



Brandon: Monsters? You home? I can’t wait to tell you all about the beach!


I guess he won’t be sleeping for awhile.

Abby: I know it’s not much fun, but cooking is a very good skill to learn. You two will be out on your own eventually –
Carla: Yes, of course they will, one of them certainly won’t stay here to pop out the next generation like you did.
Abby: -- and you’ll need to feed yourself.
Stiles: Next time could we talk about not wearing wet bathing suits on our nice chairs?

Brandon: Oh, oh, I hope no one saw!
Carla: Brandon! Oh, kid, thank you for adding to the chaos of this legacy!
Brandon: … not the response I expected.
Carla: Also, did that happen because of the monsters?
Brandon: YES.

Babs: Cthulu is lurking under the water, isn’t he? Like a giant jellyfish, just waiting for the end of the world.

Brandon: But what about me? I’m playing with the crocodile!
Carla: While that is pretty cute, it’s not the dinosaur and therefore can’t compete with Cthulu.

Babs: Oh, Mom, you are the best! This is great! I love chess!
Abby: Less talking, more logicking.


Stiles: What? I’m just admiring the way Abby and Babs are bonding over one of our family’s favorite things.

I can’t remember why I took this picture, but look, I fixed the weird long bathroom issue. Now there is a main bathroom and a smaller half-bath. This was probably a bad idea, though, because we already don’t have a lot of chaos in the house.

Brandon: Why is my dad so creepy?
Stiles: *lurks* *rocks* *lurks*
Carla: Sorry, kid.

Abby: It is the middle of the night, young lady. Go to bed.
Babs: But I’m huuuuuuuuuuuuuuungry.

Carla: … never mind, clearly that second bathroom makes no difference.

Carla: You are exhausted! Go to bed and stop trying to eat the blocks.
Babs: You can’t make me!
Carla: … unfortunately true.
Babs: And I’m traumatized! Last time I tried to go to bed, I wet myself. I can’t face that agaaaaaain.

Carla: Go right ahead and sleep in public, kid. I’m counting it as passing out.

Birthday time! Brandon is about to become a teen!

Abby: Yay, Brandon! You are going to be an awesome teen, son! You’re going to rock the world!
Babs: Yay big brother!
Carla: LOOK AT THAT PRETTY SKY – I mean, happy birthday, Brandon!

And here’s teen Brandon. That outfit has got to go, kid.

Brandon added the family-oriented trait when he became a teenager. As a reminder, he already had the loner, excitable, and night-owl traits.

THE CREEPY MASCOT HAS RETURNED. And the Chaos family is apparently collecting university kits.

… oh, no, I should probably send the heir to university, shouldn’t I? But it is such a paaaaaaain. Generally a good way to meet a spouse, though. I guess we’ll see how much money is available when it comes time to make the heir decision.


Aww, look at Abby off to work dressed like a doctor. She’s making her way up the career path, and I’m so pleased for her.

Brandon: Man, school stinks.
Carla: I think that’s you, dude.

Also, behold this weirdness. Child Brandon stayed after school until curfew because he didn’t automatically come home on his broomstick. Teen Brandon came straight home after school, I think via bus.


… child Babs is now left alone to play until curfew.

Game, I have no idea what you’re doing, and I don’t think you do either.

Brandon: Go away, peeping tom.
Carla: Not your ordinary peeping tom…

Carla: … it’s a zombie dance party.*sings* This is thriller….

Abby: Look at that gorgeous wild horse! Let me pet you, horsey!
Horse: *flees*
Abby: *woe*

Brandon autonomously plays with magic even more than his mother did, and it is beautiful.

Birthday time again! Babs is stinky, Abby is at work and missing it, and this terrible picture is the only one I got before or after. Pretty good fail all around.

Babs added the daredevil trait, and as a reminder, she already had the loner, technophobe, and virtuoso traits.

Brandon: Woo, go dad! *whispers* I’m heir.
Babs: *noisemaker* Heir heir heir heir.

Birthday number two for the day! Stiles is becoming a regular adult, because apparently I have my aging set for far too long for young adult. Must fix that.

Carla: There’s food in the kitchen! Why did you come to bed without eating?

Babs: See? I should be heir, I can be just as creepy and lurky as my father.
Carla: Your father isn’t the line we’re following, kid, and this is not how to go about becoming heir.
Babs: What? Really? But Brandon said – oh, brother! I need to talk to you!

Brandon’s a little busy right now, Babs.

And yet, despite the heir race, they still do their homework together all the time.

Carla: Babs, are you trying to bring Sim people to life?
Babs: … maybe.

Despite all the changes, Abby still autonomously cleans all the time, and I still find it utterly charming.

In need of yet more logic points, Abby bought a telescope and started searching the universe for new stars. Of course, she’s so focused she completely misses out on the zombie rising behind her.

Full moon nights really make for an interesting glow while Stiles paints.

Over the weekend, Abby takes the kids on an outing to the gym. It is fitting, I guess, that they run the entire way. This is what happens when three witches go on an outing together. I still think this is a glitch in the coding.

Here is the gym. There’s a workout room and a big pool, which explains the line of people waiting to get inside.

Abby is a weight-lifting badass.

Brandon and Babs – well, they try hard. They’re still learning.

Back home, we find the sink broken yet again (thanks, Stiles), and so Abby calls the repairman and goes back to her favorite thing ever: playing chess with Stiles. It’s Brandon’s turn to act like he inherited the creepy, stalking gene from his father. I am unimpressed.

Wait, wait, what’s going on here? Stiles is looking worried, and Babs is doing exhausted magic autonomously. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

OH. MY. GOD. Babs froze her father. I am utterly delighted, even though it’s a pretty cruel thing to do. Oh, Babs, I love you.

Abby: If I focus hard enough on this cake, I won’t have to parent.

Abby: Must clean. Must ignore the frozen statue that looks just like my husband.
Stiles: *literally melts*

Stiles: Who left this mess here? *obsessively mops*
Carla: … you’re still half frozen and you’re mopping up the mess that happened when you melted after your daughter magicked you into an ice cube. I LOVE THIS FAMILY.

Horse: Is Abby home? I haven’t run away from her lately.
Carla: … why are the wild horses obsessed with Abby? WHY?

Every morning should begin with synchronized magic. Also, look at that unfinished wall. Oops!

Redecorated the kids’ room. Added a computer, a Breakfast Club poster, and a painting of a dragon firebreathing all over the world. I maaaaay be trying to encourage Babs’ evilness just a little. (Note: she doesn’t actually have the evil trait, she’s just feisty and ridiculous.)

Family breakfast!

Abby: Unfinished walls are a scourge upon the earth. How did I let your room go undecorated for that long? Look at you! You’re practically all grown up.
Brandon: No sweat, Mom. We never minded.
Babs: Speak for yourself, it was terrible. I think because I survived that trauma, I should be heir.
Carla: Brandon not only survived it too, but longer.
Abby: I love logic. You should embrace it, children.

Abby: Mac and cheese, my favorite!
Carla: You’re so easy to please. My favorite.

Brandon discovers the laptop first, and immediately starts playing sports games. Go team go. Or something.


Babs: You encouraged this!
Abby: I don’t think you’re supposed to hold the wand at that angle—

Abby: Yup, I was right, you needed a 45, not a 90. That’s why your ice blast spell failed.
Babs: You have an icicle growing off your nose. I’m not sure it failed.
Abby: *shivering* B-b-b-but I’m not a b-b-b-block of ice like your dad.
Babs: Thanks, mom! I’ll try harder next time.

Look at the little snowflakes! That is ADORABLE.

Stiles: BAH. I can’t believe I lost.
Abby: YAY.
Carla: Don’t you dare be a sore loser, Stiles. Abby is the Awesomest.

I love family magic time!

Stiles: This way I can’t lose!
Carla: You really think you can’t lose against the computer?
Stiles: … damn.

Abby, that’s not your bed! Why in the world did you climb all the way up there to read your medical journal?

Abby: Can’t hear you, there’s science to learn!

And meanwhile in the kitchen, Brandon decides he needs to learn to cook. Feeling adulthood looming, are you?

Brandon: A good heir knows how to cook.
Carla: Fair point.

Abby: MUST. PEE.
Carla: You do know that’s not actually the toilet, right?

Please don’t electrocute yourself, Abby. I’m not ready to let you go yet!

Abby: Puh-lease, I got this.

Abby keeps getting called into work for emergencies at all hours. It’s starting to take a toll.

Abby: I’m exhausted. Maybe I can smack more energy into my brain?
Carla: Nope.



I believe there are some decisions to be made now.

Babs then broke the shower and autonomously cleaned. Okay, stop channeling your father.

Babs: I heard what Brandon said about heirs needing to know how to cook and thought it was time I developed my own skill.
Carla: Despite the fact there are fresh pancakes RIGHT THERE?
Babs: *whistles* I saw nothing.

Babs: Oh no, I burned it. I will never be heir now. *frets*
Carla: I’d be more worried about what’s going to happen to you after you eat that, if I were you.

Happy birthday, Abby! Welcome to full adulthood.

(Really must reset those life lengths.)

Abby: Life is so good, what could I possibly wish for?
Carla: Unbreakable sinks?
Abby: Good idea!


It works on multiple levels, see? SEE?

Okay, the teenage years have gone on long enough. Meet adult Brandon and celebrate Babs’ birthday all at once, because I am terrible at capturing birthday pictures!

Brandon’s last trait is frugal, which makes him very nearly a trait clone of his father. Babs added the avant garde trait. (Note, Carl’s site is thestalkysims’ and my favorite Sims resource site.)

Brandon: Oh no, not again! I thought I was done with this when I grew up! Twice!
Stiles: Son, this is not the most auspicious start to your adult life.
Carla: … I haven’t even broken the news to you yet.

Babs: Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here taking my university entrance exams, because I’M THE HEIR, BABY!

Babs: Yay, it’s time to go to university!
Carla: … yay. (Not yay.)

Stiles: Wait, I didn’t get to say good-bye to my little girl!
Carla: Pay more attention then.
Stiles: She’s all grown up!

Yes, yes she is, Stiles. So there we have it: after an unexpectedly tight heir race, Babs claimed the heirship for herself, Brandon moved out on his own (the command in Sims 3 is “kick out Sim” which actually made me sad, poor guy), and Babs is off to university. I would have sent Brandon, too, but the Chaos family simply can’t afford it at this point. Maybe in later generations, all the kids will get to go.

Babs isn’t heir only because she read the werewolf book, but I was pretty pleased when she was the first kid to read it. She leapt to the front when she cast “ice blast” on her father, and there was very little Brandon could have done to knock her out of the lead after that.

Next time, a brand-new torch holder. I’ll miss you, Abby! And university! May god have mercy on my soul.

Torch-Holders: 1
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 1 (+1)
Self-Wettings: 4 (+3)
Fires: 0
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
Tags: chaos legacy, games, sims 3

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