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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 2.2 (LJ Only)

Previously on the Chaos legacy: Abby and Stiles had their first baby, a boy named Brandon, and after a far too long babyhood and toddlerdom, he became a child. Then they had their second (and last) baby, a girl named Babs, and the heir race truly began.

First family dinner! Well, minus baby Babs. And minus the walls, because I keep forgetting to put them back up before I take pictures. I get better at this (sort of) by the end of gen 2, but it takes awhile. My god, that bathroom is ugly. And still stretched out at this point. I fix that later.

I like how there’s no talking, just eating. Right after pregnancy, food is Serious Business.

Brandon autonomously cleans, too! That’s delightful. Way to pass on your genes, cleaning-obsessed parents.

Abby: *so dirty, must bathe, even if exhausted*
Carla: I suppose that’s also a pretty important thing to do post-pregnancy.

The down side to Brandon autonomously cleaning is that there are now pile-ups of people waiting to use the kitchen sink. That’s kind of chaotic, right? (No, Carla, not really. Not like self-wettings and fisticuffs, just to name a few things I love in sammyfrog’s ISBI legacy, the Dimwits.)

Brandon goes to play by himself, and the first thing he does is pet his rocking horse like it was a real horse. Oh my god, child, you are adorable.

Brandon: Good horsey. Nice horsey.
Rocking Horse: *silent*
Carla: … I can’t wait until Babs grows up and you don’t have to play alone.

Playing with the dinosaur again! New baby means you’re really working that fight to be heir, aren’t you?
Brandon: *innocently whistles* I just love dinosaurs, don’t you. *makes swishy swimmy noises*

Brandon’s first day of school! Have fun, kid. You’re on your own.
Brandon: I wonder if anyone likes cleaning.
Brandon: *ponders*
Brandon: Or maybe I should stick with dinosaurs.
Carla: You do that.

Stiles: Who’s a sweet baby girl, who’s a hungry baby girl?
Abby: Why does our child smell like rotting bodies? *gags*

Eventually, I realized that Brandon didn’t come home from school, and when I went looking, I found him playing on the playground at school. I didn’t know kids could just not come home from school. Who decided that was a good idea, Sims?

He’s super cute, though!

Brandon: I see dinosaurs!
Carla: Probably shouldn’t try to act out Jurassic Park, kid. Or considering how young you are, Jurassic World is a better reference.
Carla: … <3 raptors

Brandon: I’m soooooooooo huuuuuuungry. If only there was some place I could feed myself. What an interesting idea that is.
Carla: Maybe you could do something about that if you WENT HOME.

Brandon: Nah, I’ll just keep playing. Surely if I climb this enough, I’ll stop being hungry.
Carla: Awesome. Go with that. I expect the social worker any day now.
Carla: … wait, does Sims 3 even have a social worker?

At some point in here, I got a pop-up that said there was only an hour until Brandon’s curfew kicked in, and he needed to find an adult or head home, but obviously I’m having issues with the UI in screencaps still. Just when I was worried that I’d have to use his child action to send him home (and figure out why he didn’t ride the bus home like he was supposed to) –

-- he headed home autonomously. Brandon’s a witch! Look at the little training wheels (… supports?) on his broom. Too, too adorable.

I’m going to try to work in other supernaturals during the legacy, just to see how the genetics of it run. I think Stiles is human, so it makes sense that Brandon inherited his mother’s magic. We’ll see if Babs did as well.

Brandon gets home, smelly and hungry, and immediately bathes himself.

So much autonomous awesome. So little chaos. Oh, ISBI.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WHAT IS THIS? Abby, you are the torchholder. You are not supposed to wet yourself. FIRST SELF-WETTING OF THE LEGACY GOES TO THE TORCHHOLDER.

She was so busy autonomously skilling she didn’t leave enough time to make it to the bathroom, even if it had been empty. Good grief, woman.

Aaaaaand, back to skilling. These logic games get vicious.

Abby plays adorably with Babs.

And then takes a nap in the rocking chair. THAT ROCKING CHAIR. (I realized about gen 4 that it increases energy levels faster than any other piece of furniture. NO WONDER THEY ALL SIT IN IT.)

(Also, look, I remembered to put up the walls before taking the picture!)

I checked on Brandon again after school, and found him doing homework. What a good kid. I also figured out why he doesn’t come home after school. Much like with Abby and her carpool, the bus takes him to school, but since he rides his broom home, he doesn’t have to hop on the bus. Of course, Abby comes home from work even on her broom, so I don’t know why Brandon isn’t programed to do the same. Bad programming, people.

I can’t be too mad, though, because he’s so adorable playing on the playground equipment.

Brandon: No, seriously, where is my army of dinosaurs?!
Carla: The fact that you have magic should terrify me, but really thrills me to no end. MAKE AN ARMY OF DINOSAURS, WHY IS THAT NOT AN OPTION, SIMS?

More Chaos family in the rocking chair. This picture can be repeated a dozen times a night, if not more.

Birthday time! Man, those two days go by fast.

Yes, that is Stiles and Brandon still cheering the cake, while Babs has become a toddler in the corner. Way to go, guys.

(Look at that, walls up, but the ceiling is missing. It is always missing. I don’t understand.)

Living up to her family history and her virtuoso trait, Babs immediately heads for the toy xylophone. At least she, unlike her brother, knows to sit behind it to play.

Stiles broke the sink AGAIN. Good grief, man, do I even want to ask what you’re doing to break them?

My first time seeing a kid actually play on the rocking horse. This is my new favorite Sims thing ever.

Good job, kid. You’re really working that heir competition.

And then he autonomously cleans some more! Brandon, you delightful little suck up. (He’s a kid. I’ll forgive him for cleaning while it is still gushing water, especially after his father does the same thing all the time.)

Even toddler Babs is infuriated by the sink. Abby, I think they inherited your broken-things rage. Also, thanks a lot, Stiles, you’ve managed to upset the entire family because you keep breaking things.

ABBY, ARE YOU GOING TO PEE YOURSELF WHILE POTTY TRAINING YOUR DAUGHTER? I don’t think that’s going to work the way you hope.

(Also, the first mod I actually added was to remove the censor bars in case I wanted to take a picture of the faces they make while bathing – which I’ve just realized I don’t think I ever do – but apparently it doesn’t remove the censor bars off toddlers on the training potty. Which is fine, except it kept blocking the silly faces Babs made. Still, Abby nearly wetting herself is funnier than any face Babs could have made.)

She must not have actually wet herself, or I would have grabbed a picture. Close call, Abby. Babs again follows in her brother’s footsteps and starts playing with the toy chest, though she doesn’t climb all the way inside and charm her way into my heart. Haven’t you heard about the heir race, Babs?

Even though Stiles isn’t in the heir race, he charms me by playing adorably with his daughter.

Babs: Again, daddy, again, this is so much fun, I wish I had learned how to talk so I could tell you.

Ignoring the missing walls and roof, this is an adorable family photo: cooking, cleaning, cuddling. If there were some logic skilling going on, this would be a snapshot of everything the Chaos family believes in most.

Abby: No, seriously, why do my kids smell like rotting bodies?!

(It kind of looks like she is doing the I’M SO HUNGRY motion, but she’s actually holding her nose and about to gag. Because that’s not scary for your poor son AT ALL, ABBY.)

More adorable family bonding. Brandon plays on his toy horsey again, and Stiles sat down to play with Babs, who is obsessed with the toy xylophone.

Stiles is really a great dad, despite his obsession with the rocking chair. I’m so glad Abby ended up with him and not Xander.

(Abby, in the distance: Still have that poison apple.)


Brandon: Hi ho, Silver, away!
Carla: How do you even know that reference?

Oh. My. God. Stiles the musician sat down to play with Babs, and started directing her on the toy xylophone. I am slain. SLAIN.

Abby helps Brandon with his homework. Autonomously, because I can’t figure out how to get her to offer, I only know how to have the kid ask for help (when I can play the kid, which I am not, since this is an ISBI legacy). They are adorable together, and also, Abby’s hair matches the artwork. I did not notice that until just now.

(Carla Playing Gen 2: Why is there so much pink in this legacy?
Carla From the Future: Oh, just you wait!)


This is as close to chaos as this family gets, I guess.

Stiles: Here you go *yawn* darling girl.
Babs: *gimmegimmegimmegimme* *staaaaarving*

Of course, an exhausted Stiles gets her out of the crib and feeds her. Feeding her on the floor isn’t even a fail on his part; I haven’t bought a highchair for them, because I don’t really like them, and there’s not much room.

Stiles: Welp, time for bed, nothing wrong with leaving my toddler on the floor the rest of the night.
Carla: … sure.
Carla: *yes, ISBI chaos, FINALLY*

Babs: I am BORED and the floor is COLD and where is EVERYBOOOOOOOOOODY?

Babs: Oh well, time to play with blocks!
Carla: *head desk* About that ISBI chaos this legacy is named after!

Abby: It is criminal, some of the things I’ve seen in this town. The way people look at witches. Criminal, I tell you.
Babs: Music time nao?

Typical Chaos family shot: Stiles is getting ready to sit in the rocking chair, Brandon is adorably playing on his rocking horse and trying to increase his chances of being heir, and despite being exhausted, Babs keeps learning how to talk from Abby.

Abby: Computers are the best! You can play logic games on them.
Babs: *so tired stop talking about the devil machine*

(Also, typical Carla shot, with the walls down. Oy.)

New floorplan time, because we are almost out of the nursery stage for this generation. Tiny little nursery at the top left, Abby and Stiles’ room top right; playroom middle left, the kids’ room middle right; and the kitchen, bathroom, and living room are mostly the same, just expanded. I fixed the proportions a little bit later.

Brandon: Bunk beds, YES! These are AWESOME!
Carla: Don’t jump on the top bed and bash your head into the ceiling, please.

Abby: Your broom is your best friend, Brandon. I know you’re not old enough to start practicing your magic, but know this: take care of your broom, and it will get you anywhere in the world you want to go.
Stiles: *lurks*
Carla: Oh, no, Stiles, tell me we’re not back to this!

I guess lurking is better than breaking the toilet AGAIN, Stiles. And WHAT is that FACE? I love it.

Abby tries to potty train Babs some more. Spoiler: she is not successful. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Sim in one of my games successfully potty train a toddler.

(Hey, what happened to the censor bars? How … weird?)

I was playing with the sound on for once, and I kept hearing some weird thundery sound, a bit of creepy music, things like that. Finally I tracked it down to these shadows and creepy hand under the bed.


Most adorable kid ever. He is really at the front of the heir race.

Meanwhile, Babs plays with blocks, and is also pretty darn adorable too. Oh, making an heir decision is going to be so difficult! Here’s hoping their personalities become even more clear as they get older.

Oh, man, Stiles, sometimes you absolutely delight me. Look at him so happy to play with his daughter.

Stiles: And this is outside. That’s the ice cream truck. We don’t visit it anymore, because Abby has a feud with it now, after it froze some logic points out of her head.
Babs: Ice cream, ice cream!
Carla: Such a good father –

Stiles: *drops Abby* *must CLEAN*
Carla: I take it all back.

Babs: They’ll never find me in here with my crocodile!
Carla: *sings* Never smile at a crocodile. No you can’t get friendly with a crocodile. Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin he’s imagining how well you’d fit within his skin.

(Random story time: I used to have a Disney sing-a-long tape with this song on it, among others, and I listened to it all the time when we lived on a farm, so I was younger than 10 at the time. We didn’t have many tv channels out there, just lots of animals (dogs and horses, mostly), and I would walk around the farm singing this to my horse, who used to follow me like he was a giant dog. He would also stick is head in the open window and watch tv with us whenever he’d get into the front yard.)

Birthday time!

Abby: Make a wish, baby. I know you’re going to grow up to be a strong, smart, wonderful kid.

Surprise! The first thing a Chaos child autonomously does is read. I’m sure you’re SHOCKED. (It’s not the wolf book her mother so loved, though.) (Maybe I should set the rule that the first kid to read it becomes heir.)

Family meal! Stiles was off at work, but at least Abby gets to sit down with her kids. Now the heir race is truly begun, because we can really start to see their personalities.

Next time, Brandon and Babs go head to head in the heir race, and maybe Abby will finally return to her path up the medical career.

Torch-Holders: 1
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 0
Self-Wettings: 1 (+1)
Fires: 0
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
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