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05 March 2016 @ 08:48 am
[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 1.3 (LJ Only)  

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby took a trip to the beach to cheer herself up after that whole fiasco with Xander There’s-a-Poison-Apple-with-Your-Name-On-It Clavell, where she met Stiles McGraw. They took a shine to each other, so after she continued with her autonomous cleaning and skilling for awhile, they ended up dating, getting engaged, and getting married. Now Abby’s feeling a little weird, and I’m hoping pregnancy is looming for them.

Oh, my goodness, Abby is dreaming about their wedding, and Stiles is dreaming about Abby. You two are disgustingly adorable. Stiles, I may not like your name, but you’re making Abby happy, and that means I think you are delightful.

Abby: A sleeping husband is no reason to leave your side of the bed unmade.

(Autonomous cleaning is still adorable.)


Yeah, yeah, enjoy it while it’s just hunger making your stomach hurt.

Abby: … what?



Momentary break to look at this cuteness. Look at that doggie! And I’ve never seen a Sim walking a dog on a leash before. I’ll have to give that a try (though probably not in an ISBI – I think a pet might be a little too much work for the torchholder, though I do love the cat in sammyfrog’s ISBI.)

(I thought I had fixed the UI capture, but apparently not, damn it. I still didn’t write down the dog’s name (or his name either), but I wrote down some names elsewhere, so at least that part will still exist. Look at the adorable dog. So adorable.)

Abby: I don’t feel so well… *hworf*

I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! I didn’t turn on my sound until after I played through this section, so I didn’t hear whether or not “try for baby” had worked. It did, first try! We have an heir on the way!


I guess getting married and moving into a new house and making a baby is a pretty exhausting life, Stiles.

Oh, by the way, they both got a few days off to adjust, so Stiles has some sort of job, and also, Abby won’t be returning to work for a long, long, long time.


Pregnancy is not going well for Abby so far. She burned her first meal, and then she had to eat it anyway.

Abby: Why did you I think getting married was a good idea? I feel bad and the house is terrible already.

Abby: And my new husband looks like he might secretly be a serial killer!

Stiles: *stares*

That – that is pretty unnerving. Sorry, Abby.

Stiles after a make-over. Casual cuteness (when he’s not obsessively staring at Abby while she reads).

Abby: *magics a poison apple* Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Xander.

Me neither.

Stiles autonomously washes his hands too! They really are Made for Each Other!

Abby is pretty happy to be learning new recipes. I almost forgot she was a vegetarian when I sent her to the bookstore to buy new recipes (and a new logic book), but at the last minute, I avoided meat recipes. In this session, she learned to make ratatouille, mushroom omelet (blargh, mushrooms are gross), and veggie fish and chips. (Which also doesn’t sound great. While some vegetarian meat replacements aren’t bad, I can’t see the fish texture working out.)

Don’t worry, Abby still autonomously plays with magic, and it remains sparkly and adorable.

The family that reads together… (if by “together” you mean “vaguely in the same house”).

Oh, that’s better. (Also, a huge improvement to Stiles sitting and staring at her.) Abby is, of course, working on her logic skill, and Stiles is just reading. (Alas, not about werewolves.)

First family dinner! Mushroom omelets (blargh). And Abby looks like she has an idea of what’s in their future, even though she hasn’t had the actual pregnancy realization yet.

Abby: So, babies, that’s a thing. That some people. Do.
Stiles: This is delicious.
Abby: Is that a thing. That you want to do?
Stiles: Eggs are baby chickens.
Abby: … true.
Stiles: I love babies.

That’s good, Stiles, because guess who’s having a baby!

Abby: So that’s why I was so pukey. Yay, baby!

Abby: Oh, Stiles, you’re so swoony. I’m so glad we’re good friends, and married, and having a baby together.

That’s good, because after this one, we need at least one more baby. I didn’t think you’d be happy doing anything but cleaning and skilling, Abby.


It’s just a broken sink, sweetie. Calm yourself. You’re lucky you’re not farther along in your pregnancy, or I’d expect you to pop after all that rage.

Oh my goodness, look at how beautiful that is! I love how pretty this game is at times. It is particularly good at night skies, and, as I learned while playing this legacy, that default beach. Just lovely.

Clark Sauer is our repairman, and he does not look too thrilled with the sink either.

Abby: *wakes up even though she is still exhausted*
Abby: You know what sounds good? Spaghetti.
Carla: … Well, okay, I’m sure it does, but you don’t know that recipe yet.
Abby: I wasn’t finished. Spaghetti and ice cream.
Carla: No.

Ice cream truck: *drives by*
Carla: FINE.

Abby: Oh my gosh, it all looks so good. I can’t choose!

Your hair looks weirdly colorful, Abby. Even moreso than normal. Did you sneak around and autonomously add more pink?

Abby: Look, it’s strawberry, it matches my hair. *nom nom nom*

thestalkysims is laughing at me because she chose pink.


Well, since you’ve sacrificed your ice cream to the brain freeze gods, maybe you’ll be ok.


Poor Abby. That has to hurt.

Stiles brought his own vehicle to the household! And look, it’s perfect for families. Good job, Stiles. (Even if that color is terrible.)

They’re off to the library, and as soon as they get there, doors and people start coming between them.

Stiles: You’re so pretty through the glass and wood.

I … I guess public make-outs are one way to get people to leave you alone.

(I love that woman in the fedora. I need to figure out who she is and get her into this legacy. She’s everywhere, always with her face mostly covered. Very Carmen Sandiego!)

Yes, I can see why you wanted to come to the library. You certainly couldn’t do all this flirting at home. *head desk*

Stiles: You’re so fine, Abby. So gorgeous. So swoonworthy.
Abby: Man, we haven’t been to the beach in awhile. We should go at sunset again. It will always remind me of how we met and fell in love.
Carla: There was no insta!love, don’t you even pretend there was. That is called attraction and flirtation, not insta!love.

Not pictured, all the reading and skilling they did separately, because you’ve already seen pictures of them reading and skilling. That and cleaning is all they do. (Well, I suppose there was also that babymaking.)

Speaking of babies, look at how she walks! Abby, you’re acting like you’re nine months pregnant, but you’re not that big yet!

Aww, look at these two, so ridiculously adorable with their romantic photos and their baby belly love. (Baby bellies are creepy, people. There is a thing! Growing inside it! I SAW A MOVIE LIKE THIS AND IT BURST OUT IN A SHOWER OF BLOOD AND IT WAS TERRIFYING.)

(I am not so much a pregnancy and baby person, can you tell?)

Abby: Guess what – baby!
Stiles: Oh, are we doing pet names now? I’m not such a fan of baby. Sweetheart, maybe? Darling?
Abby: No, we’re having a baby!
Stiles: AWESOME!

Oh, right, Stiles doesn’t actually know about that baby, does he? He was pretty happy once Abby told him, and kept thinking a lot about their marriage. Don’t worry, she seems to like having you around, I’m not going to kick you out of the house now that you’ve served your purpose. (Besides, we still need a second child to have the heir and spare, so.)

Abby, did you – did you gain weight on the drive home from the library? Your sway-back pregnancy walk is starting to look needed.

Abby: Everything keeps breaking. Am I doing something wrong? Why is my house falling apart? How can I bring a baby into this disaster? *fret*

Things break, sweetie, especially because this was a super cheap house. I’ll You’ll upgrade soon, I promise.

But first, turning the unused spare bedroom into a nursery. A space- and giraffe-themed nursery, because those two things go together in my head? Man, I hate decorating.

(Random fact: thestalkysims’ husband hates giraffes. I am always so tempted to buy him giraffe toys. I am a complete dick.)

Abby loves the new rocking chair. (Spoiler: I’ve played the baby through to teenager, and everyone loves the rocking chair. Best purchase ever, apparently. Except that certain family members sit there all creepy no matter what else is going on in the room, Stiles.) (I love that picture of puppies. Too, too cute. I also love the pregnancy morph version of Abby’s sheep pajamas.)

sammyfrog loves the pregnant Sim waddle, and I think I do, too! Look at her, waddling around the house, all competent even in the middle of pregnancy. (Well, probably toward the end of pregnancy.)


Stiles: I am just appreciating the smart, wonderful woman I married.
Abby: *logic is everything, logic is life, logic is the only thing that exists*

The wild horses really don’t like Abby. Why are you wandering around town, wild horses? (I was so distracted by the wild horses that I forgot to write down where Abby is going. I assume some sort of opportunity card; as I’m typing this, I think it had to do with the taxes for a local business, and she had to go make sense of the books or something. It’s a logic-based opportunity.)


The cuteness. It slays me.

The foal doesn’t like Abby either. I She could take this personally, but she really wants to pet a wild horse. Let’s try to build up a relationship so maybe it won’t be so scared of you. Wild horses aren't really people friendly, after all.

Stiles, you know how to do something other than autonomously clean, read, and stare at your wife? I’m amazed! He’s already pretty good, so I assume he has a lot of guitar points, and maybe his career is related to it. (Not that he’s gone to work yet; way too many days off to acclimate to the move.)

Bought a chess table so Abby could skill without just reading logic books. I wanted to have her and Stiles play, but the option was grayed out. I thought that meant he didn’t have enough logic, but later learned nope, I’m an idiot. See the bit of chair on the left? It’s too far away for the game to consider it connected to the chess table, and therefore the game thinks there isn’t a spot for Stiles to sit down.

Oh, game.

Abby. I love you, and the faces you make.

Abby: Busy being logical. Leave me alone.

When she was too tired to practice chess, she went to hang out in the new nursery again, in the rocking chair, of course. Then this happened.

Carla: First self-wetting of the legacy?
Carla: OH. The baby is coming!

I sent her to the hospital, because that’s what the game prompts you to do. Stiles has his own car, as we know, and the spouse goes with the pregnant Sim, so I assumed they would take his car. NOPE. Abby, are you sure it’s a good idea to ride your broomstick while you’re in labor?


(I didn’t get a picture of it, but Xander was leaving the hospital when Abby arrived, and he checked her out. HE CHECKED HER OUT. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, X, we’re just a little busy right now.)

The downside to the hospital birth is that there really isn’t anything to see, not like in any of the Sims 2 legacies. But here is the first baby of generation two, Brandon. He automatically inherited the loner trait from his mother (Note from the Future: Also, his father, I accidentally learn much later), and he’s also excitable.

No broom for the ride home. Abby and Stiles (and, I assume, baby Brandon) ride home in the cab. I think that’s the same guy who drives Abby’s carpool to work. Are you the only driver in town, dude? That must suck, though at least Abby tends to fly everywhere but to work. (And apparently home from the hospital.)

Good place to end this update: here is baby Brandon. I have no idea how to tell genetics. Blond hair based on those eyebrows? Dark eyes? You’ll learn I have no concept of faces and inherited physical traits; I just don’t recognize things like that when I see them, not in real life, and not in the game.

I’m not sure where to begin generation two, but since we have the first baby, now seems like as good a time as any. Next time, it will be under generation two, Brandon will have a birthday, and Abby and Stiles will get to work on number two, because we need an heir and a spare in every generation. (I would be tempted to skip this, because I really do not enjoy playing babies and toddlers, but I love siblings and want to see how that goes, and also, thestalkysims had a big game error that cost her the heir she chose, and she actually had to start playing the spare, so … no need to tempt fate.)

Even if this is the least chaotic ISBI ever.

Torch-Holders: 1
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Fires: 0
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
100,000 (One tally for every 100,000 simoleons in your net-worth. Check build/buy mode for this number.): ? (I may never remember to check this. Ever.)

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thestalkysimsthestalkysims on March 5th, 2016 08:08 pm (UTC)
I adore Abby and the silly faces she pulls all the time. Also, your commentary makes me giggle.

I'm glad you learned from my fail, a spare is always necessary. I just try to have them as close together as possible so that I don't have to go through baby/toddler stages too often per game play.

(Random fact: thestalkysims’ husband hates giraffes. I am always so tempted to buy him giraffe toys. I am a complete dick.)

Didn't we spend the entire month of October looking up how much it would cost to sponsor/adopt a fleet of giraffes under his name for his birthday?

Didn't we also spend several hours at Busch Gardens watching hubby swoon over how pretty they were too?
Carla M. Leecarlamlee on March 29th, 2016 12:00 am (UTC)
We are terrible, terrible people, is the basic takeaway.
buffyfan30buffyfan30 on March 5th, 2016 09:23 pm (UTC)
This is fascinating! I've never played a sims game but you're making me want to.
Carla M. Leecarlamlee on March 28th, 2016 11:59 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I really had no idea how much work went into writing something like this about a game, but it also increases my enjoyment of the game a bunch, so it is worth it.
Samanthasammyfrog on March 7th, 2016 03:18 pm (UTC)
Stiles, thanks for helping to make another generation possible, but that stare is kinda creepy, bud. Abby's pregnancy realization was cute, though! Is that how they always do it in TS3? That's cuter than randomly telling the letter carrier or whoever else is around at the moment.

Night skies. Niiiiiiight skiiiiiiiies. I need not say more. :D

I quite like how the pregnancy gradually grows instead of the POW HEY HERE I AM IN MY NEXT TRIMESTER interruption in TS2 game play.


I LOLed. That must be the norm for witches. And Xander checked her out? Maybe women in labor is his kink? :\
Carla M. Leecarlamlee on March 29th, 2016 12:00 am (UTC)
That is a good point, RE the POW TRIMESTER stuff from Sims 2. I didn't actually realize the differences until you said something.

Oh, Xander. You are terrible. (And by this time, has gotten his back, more or less.)