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[reading] Wednesday Reading

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What I've Read

Mostly comfort rereading.

BATTLE MAGIC and MELTING STONES by Tamora Pierce, set in the Emelan world. BATTLE MAGIC is about beloved characters caught in a war, and MELTING STONES about volcanoes and magic and learning how to be a good person. They're pretty wonderful.

What I'm Reading

Time to drop everything else for a new Incryptid novel! CHAOS CHOREOGRAPHY by Seanan McGuire came out yesterday, I received my copy today, and I am already well into it. I'll probably be done by tonight. I love the Incryptid stories so, so much; they are stories of family and monsters and making the world better for everyone, not just the people like you, and they are such satisfying reads. (Even though I'm not all that fond of either of the two main narrators so far; I'm holding out for the Antimony books myself. Still, they are fun, and I reread the whole series at least once a year. CHAOS CHOREOGRAPHY is book five, though there is a sixth book in the same world.)

BEHOLD THE BONES by Natalie C. Parker is the sequel to BEWARE THE WILD, which I read and reviewed last year and really loved. I'm about halfway through BEHOLD THE BONES, and it is already even more enjoyable and wonderful than BEWARE THE WILD. I love the main character, Candace, and her sharpness and her drive and her logic an unbelievable amount, and I can't wait to finish her story.

LISEY’S STORY by Stephen King: Yes, I am still reading this. I really like Lisey, and I love the way her history with her husband unfolds throughout the story, in pieces and present thoughts and scenes set back in what she remembers, but it is really slow paced and easy to put down, so it is taking forever.

TREASURES, DEMONS AND OTHER BLACK MAGIC by Meghan Ciana Doidge: I think I'm at least going to finish the first trilogy. I don't know if I'll continue it after. We'll see how much annoyance at the main character's "quirky" traits (and my dislike of first person narrators) balances against the stuff I do enjoy. So far, the stuff I enjoy is losing out, but maybe once I'm done with the cliffhanger ending, I'll like it more.

What I'll Read Next

DARK ALCHEMY by Laura Bickle (Dark Alchemy #1): I'm trying to avoid buying new books this year, except for a few favorite authors, but someone recommended the second book in the series to me recently, and I bought this book immediately. It sounds like western + magic + kick ass women, and I am here for that so hard. SO HARD.

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