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[gaming] Sims 3 ISBI Legacy: The Chaos Legacy 1.2 (LJ Only)

cover 1.2

Previously on the Chaos Legacy: Abby Chaos is a witch obsessed with cleanliness and solitude, working her way up the medical career and trying to be a little more logical each day. She had a whirlwind romance with Xander Harris Clavell, but his fear of commitment broke her heart. Beware crossing a witch, Xander. There’s a poison apple with your name on it.


The next morning, Abby is distraught enough that she barely notices the filthy counter. Oh, Abby, sweetie, it’ll be okay, I promise. You’ll get to clean things, and read books, and be alone as much as I can let you.

(Let’s just give her a moment without mentioning the whole still need a spouse, an heir, and a spare.)


Sure enough, by the time she was done eating, she’d rolled the desire to clean the entire house, starting with that counter. There you go, work out all your frustrations. Just remember, we can’t really afford to be replacing things, so try not to set anything on fire or rub the enamel off the top of that counter.


To cheer her up, I sent her to Old Pier Beach, and look it. LOOK AT IT. It is gorgeous. I miss living near the ocean. I want to live where I can go to the beach every day and hang out near a lighthouse and deal with it being the murder capital of the world.


More cheering up. It’s amazing how practicing chess will give a girl a boost. Especially when she has that kind of view. (Not that Abby is paying one lick of attention to it. She couldn’t even sit down facing it for fear it would distract her from her studying, but that’s ok, because this way, I can take pictures of her and have it in the background. LOOK AT IT.)


Abby has to take a break from chess to meet Stiles McGraw, who absolutely lit up when he saw her, and did the whole flirty interested thing (and gave the pop-up about wanting to get to know her better, not that you can see it because this is from the session where I didn’t know I wasn’t capturing the UI). Stiles is a single music talent scout, and that chin is not doing him any favors at this angle.


OH MY GOD, ABBY, IS THAT A SMILE?! I think she likes him!


SHE LIKES HIM! There’s flirting and teasing and handholding. I’m delighted for her! Yay for a cheerful trip to the beach bringing the possibility of love.


We have a first kiss! WE HAVE A FIRST KISS!

And look at that beautiful setting. The lighthouse, the ocean, the sunset – this is so much better than in the dark in front of your house. Oh, Abby, I told you things would get better!


One more kiss good-bye, and I think we can call this trip to the beach a rousing success. Solitude, chess, and then a new love interest? Abby, you are on fire!


On a more prosaic note, she broke the toilet the second she got home, and man, does she look disgruntled when I told her to fix it. You live alone! No one else is going to do it unless we pay them, and it’s your mess anyway, and it’s not all that messy because you obsessively autonomously clean. Deal with it! Think about your hottie on the beach at sunset.


Good lord, woman, it’s not the end of the world! It’s just a clogged toilet, and you fixed it!


I realized I hadn’t done a floor plan, so while she’s sleeping, here it is from above. Terrible, isn’t it? Basically just a rectangle. Even I could design something like this (though I didn’t; this house came with the game).

Basically the next 40 screencaps are of her reading or cleaning, plus one trip to work. You are adorable, Abby, and I want to be your BFF, but good lord, is this boring screencapping. I will not subject you to them.


UNTIL THIS! Oh, you woke up hungry, did you? (Also, she clearly had a promotion in that bunch of boring screencaps, but because I thought I was capturing the UI, I didn’t write it down. More research needed to figure out where she is now, but whatever she is, she’s wearing scrubs. That’s a huge step up from that terrible previous outfit.) GO EAT YOU AUTONOMOUSLY DO EVERYTHING ELSE USEFUL!

(She did autonomously go cook waffles, which is what she always wants to eat for breakfast.)

(Medical career level two is bed pan cleaner. I think I’d rather be an organ donor, finite number of organs or not.)


I grabbed this because I have some questions about this group (mostly, why are there no benches outside the hospital, and shouldn’t that kid be in school?) but I really like that Sandi French, River McIrish (…wooooooooooow, name generator), and Cornelia Goth are reading/studying at the hospital. A few years ago, my mom was hospitalized while I was studying for the bar exam, and I lugged my giant crate of materials there pretty much daily so I could be with her (and help feed her) and still study. Her nurses thought I was a delight.

(I was studying for the bar. I was not a delight. I was stressed and grumpy and sure I would fail.)

(I did not fail, luckily.)


(Also, my sister’s last name is French. I like it.)


Hey, Abby, I think your butt is playing music.

Abby: *busy with logic, call back later*


She talked on the phone awhile, though without the UI I thought I grabbed, I don’t know to whom she was speaking, but when she went to clean some more, I noticed the guy outside the window. Another peeping tom?



(I love the Supernatural expansion pack, but I hate that zombies kill all your plants. WHY DO THEY DO THAT? MY SIMS JUST WANT TO GROW THINGS. But it is too frustrating to deal with the zombies.)




After work, Abby had the opportunity to watch that chess master again, and since she still needs logic points, off she went. I didn’t expect her to run the entire way, though. (It was just down the street, I guess.)


I realized I forgot to grab an image last time, so here’s the bookstore. Isn’t it gorgeous? I really miss having a nice little local bookstore I love. I spent a great deal of time in bookstores growing up (my parents also love books, and they passed that love on to me), and I worked in one for years. I’ve had favorite stores almost everywhere I’ve lived, from Washington to Michigan to Kansas, but not where I live now. Shame.

But anyway, look, Abby has a gorgeous little bookstore to visit!


Once Abby got home, she invited Stiles over, because I didn’t want her wasting any more time if he was going to end up like Xander. (Still have a poison apple for you, X.) This is how he greeted her. I don’t think she has anything to worry about.


Ha! She adores him. And when she stops flirting, he starts, which is just delightful after that mess with Xander.


So let’s put a ring on it, shall we, Abby? I love how shocked he looks.

Abby: I know this is fast, but the beach, the sunset, the fact you were besotted when you saw me practicing my chess – there’s this voice in my head telling me I need to bring home a sucker and make some babies.

Stiles: *swoons* -- Wait, what?

Abby: Logic and cleaning and books, Iloveyou.

Stiles: *swoons*


Look at how shiny! And look at his face!


He said yes!

(Abby: Did you have doubts before you made me do that?! After Xander?!

Carla: No, no, I knew he’d love your obsessive cleaning and studying and cleaning some more.

Abby: Speaking of, can I just – chess time now?

Carla: … Of course, sure, just one thing first.)


Look at how happy they are! I wish I’d thought to send them back to the beach for this, because that view was so much better. I’ll have to remember it for next time!


Private wedding time! No sense in waiting (even though Abby is super distracted by the old newspapers; she desperately wants to recycle them).

Stiles: Your eyes … the beautiful sea behind you … I knew the moment we met that we had everything in common, and you could be something special to me…

Abby: *Man, I miss my chess board.* I mean, with this ring … logic … books.

(Carla: Ugh, writing romance, so bad at this, why can’t a monster jump out of the bushes or something. Where’s Sarah to write good dialog when I need her?)


Abby: Oh, he’s so swoony. I hope he brings a bunch of books with him is as happy as I am.

Dirty newspapers or not, Abby is swooning over Stiles. And even though I dislike his name (it’s the same name as a very popular character on Teen Wolf, and I do not find him as interesting as everyone else seems to find him), I am so, so glad she is happy.


Engagement, wedding, moved Stiles in – guess it’s time to try for a baby!

(Soon it will be time to change his outfit. It’s not bad, but I don’t want to look at those colors all day.)

They’re so sweet as they cuddle. With their shoes on the bed. THAT IS GROSS, STOP.


Abby passes out soon after, and what does my very first uncontrollable Sim in this ISBI do? He autonomously cleans.


Stiles: What? I like to clean.

No wonder you were so excited to get to know Abby. It’s like you were made for each other.

(I did not make any Sims for Abby. These are all game generated Sims. Interesting.)


And then he autonomously read (though the shadows do make him look pretty creepy – that or like he’s been on fire). See? Abby and Stiles = MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

(I’ve just realized I should check to see if he did bring any books with him when he moved in.)


When he was tired, and I became hopeful that something ISBI would happen?

(What is wrong with his face? Those are some terrifying shadows!)


He took himself to bed. Thanks, Stiles!

Next time: Is Abby pregnant? Will generation two ever arrive? Will Abby and Stiles ever stop autonomously cleaning and reading? Will this ever look anything like an ISBI? So much for living up to its name!

Torch-Holders: 1
Life-Time Wish Achievements: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Accidental Deaths: 0
Number of Special Tombstones (non-old age) vs. Total Death Count: 0/0
Pass-Outs (except fainting when someone sees a ghost): 0
Self-Wettings: 0
Fires: 0
Fights: 0
Reach top of a career: 0
100,000 (One tally for every 100,000 simoleons in your net-worth. Check build/buy mode for this number.): ? (Forgot to check this before shutting down the game.)

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