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[media] Wednesday Reading

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What I've Read

CHIMERA by Mira Grant (Parasitology #3): The final book in the Parasitology trilogy. I continued to have a hard time staying connected with the main character, and the think the very end was too rushed, but I enjoyed this book, and this trilogy, quite a bit, despite my previous issue with the GIANT CONTINUITY ERROR that starts book two. Still inordinately frustrated by that.

TINY PRETTY THINGS by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton: I love ballet stories, especially ones that are so wonderfully diverse, and this was overall great. I loved all the characters, even at their worst, and really enjoyed all the obsession and drama and love and hate that fills the ballet school. Unfortunately, the ending fell flat for me. The book basically just ends in a way that felt like it had been cut off because the particular dance season had ended, not being the story itself had satisfactory rising and falling action. It's still a great book, and I'll read it again, I enjoyed it that much, but I was left feeling dissatisfied.

What I'm Currently Reading

LISEY’S STORY by Stephen King: I’m pretty sure I read this when I first bought it, but can’t remember the ending at all, so I’ve decided to do a reread. Possibly a first read, if I’m confused on whether I’ve read it before. However, I've put this on hold because...

THE FIXER by Jennifer Lynn Barnes: While I was updating my wishlist to send to my family, I realized there was a JLB book out that I hadn't read. Which is unusual, because ever since her Raised by Wolves series, she's one of the few authors on my auto-buy list, even in hardcover. My copy just arrived, and I'm reading it immediately. So excited.

What I'll Read Next

Possibly SPELLED by Betsy Schow or MONSTERLAND by Michael Phillip Cash, which I recently grabbed as ebooks. And I just received a copy of BEDLAM LOST by Jack Castle from the publisher, and I am super excited about it. Look at this description:

Deputy Hank McCarthy has just moved his family into the remote Alaskan town to replace the local Sheriff. He doesn’t think a small sleepy town like HavenPort will offer much in the way of excitement but, considering what he’s running from, he’s more than happy about that.

New York City ballet dancer Emma Hudson is running from something too. Unlike Hank, she’s not sure what she’ll find in HavenPort, especially when supernatural terrors begin to haunt her dreams, and sometimes her waking hours. The people of HavenPort claim it’s no cause for concern. No need to act crazy. She knows what crazy is like.

When Hank and Emma share a daytime terror they begin to see there’s more to this town than they know. Unfortunately for them it’s already too late. Their paths are chosen. There’s no way out of HavenPort.

A supernatural sci-fi thriller, Bedlam Lost delivers for fans of Dean Koontz and J. J. Abrams’ LOST. Step into this story and you might not be able to leave.

Ballet! Remote Alaskan town! SUPERNATURAL TERRORS! I am so, so excited.

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