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Carla M. Lee

[media] Wednesday Reading

What I've Read

A TRIFLE DEAD, BLACKMAIL BLEND, and DROWNED VANILLA by Livia Day (Cafe La Femme #1, 1.5, and 2): Adorable culinary crime novel set in Australia. It's sweet, and funny, and the characters are absolutely delightful. I'm not a huge fan of the love triangle, but the flirting and teasing and sleuthing is wonderful, and the world is a place I hope to visit again and again.

FOLLOWERS by Anna Davies: One of the new Point Horrors. It had a decent premise, and the characters were interesting, but the pacing was off, particularly the ending, which was terribly rushed.

What I'm Currently Reading

CHIMERA by Mira Grant (Parasitology #3): The final book in the Parasitology trilogy, I'm really intrigued to see how Grant finishes this story, but I'm having a hard time staying connecting with the main character. I hope that once I have some time to just sit and read, I'll get back into it.

LISEY'S STORY by Stephen King: I'm pretty sure I read this when I first bought it, but can't remember the ending at all, so I've decided to do a reread. Possibly a first read, if I'm confused on whether I've read it before.

What I'll Read Next

No idea. I need to sort through more boxes of books, get rid of books I won't reread, and make space on shelves for books that are still in boxes. We'll see what I uncover. I've been craving a reread of the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce (Kel is my favorite of her heroes), but I think most of them are still packed.

Any recommendations?

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