Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[writing] novels and friends and make-outs

I really miss chatting with Karen Healey, who is a fantastic friend but has had to take some time away from chatting and such on the internets for health reasons. She is smart and awesome and entertaining, so of course I miss talking to her more regularly.

Imagine my surprise tonight when, in the middle of typing a paragraph(1), an IM from Karen pops up with a link to this Wikipedia article on cervix dilation sequence.

Our brief exchange:

Karen: *shares link and response*



Karen: I was going to say, the hell are you coming to your computer to answer AIM during MAKEOUTS?


Carla: I like the internet and talking to you on AIM but NOT THAT MUCH I AM SO SORRY.

My friends, SO AWESOME.

I am going back to writing make-outs now. Writing make-outs to Meat Loaf even!(2)

(1) The paragraph in question, where I had to stop typing: I rose up and reached for him, one hand on his shoulder and the rise of muscle there, the other pressed flat against his stomach. Soft, downy reddish-blond hair started just ben

(2) “The Monster is Loose” mostly. Why yes, these are werewolf make-outs, why do you ask?

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Tags: friends, writing

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