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[writing] Project List, August 2013

Life has been good, but busy. New dog, my beloved Izzy; new furniture, my beloved red leather sectional; new kitchen supplies, including a gorgeous dishware set; and lots of work and writing. Clearly, I'm not going to be able to always post this on the same day of the month, but I'll aim for the 15th and get as close as I can.

+ Out of the Woods (cowritten with Sarah)
Horror on Holiday, book one. Young adult supernatural survival horror. Status: Second draft complete. It's with our first readers, and we're starting to get responses. We're creating a master list of things to address, and once a few more responses come in, we'll get to work on polishing it for submission to agents.

+ Slaughter by the Sea (cowritten with Sarah)
Horror on Holiday, book two. New adult supernatural survival horror. Status: First draft is approximately 1/3 done. First readers for Woods are clamoring for this book, so we're working hard to get it done and ready for them to read.

+ Vampire Pets (cowritten with Sarah)
Vampire Pets, book one. Adult sci fi and supernatural romance. Status: We're writing the detailed outline.

+ Vampire Hunters (cowritten with Sarah)
Young adult supernatural adventure. Status: We're writing the detailed outline.

+ Hunter, Hunting, Hunted
Were-mountain lions. Adult paranormal romance. Status: Preparing the detailed outline. First chapters originally published as a short story.

Sarah has finally convinced me to start watching WWE. Her reasons: (1) one of our projects is inspired by pro wrestling and I probably need to have a better understanding of it (True); and (2) the Usos are hot (VERY VERY TRUE). (To be fair, Craig was the one who actually decided the Usos would be able to tempt me into watching, and he was correct.) They watch all the pay-per-views, and the past couple, we've watched the free pre-show together over Skype. It's a lot of fun. I still find a lot of it super cheesy, but in an entertaining way. And I love analyzing the storylines and trying to break down why they're doing what they're doing. (The writing project side of watching.) But as Sarah has been pointing out for years, it's actually pretty shocking that I didn't watch it sooner, because I love big guys hitting each other. Unf.

Despite being seriously sick today, life is pretty good.

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