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[life] unplanned roommate

So, last Thursday, an unplanned, but completely adored roommate moved in with me.


This is Izzy right after we finished our meet and greet at the shelter. I knew she was mine when the volunteer kept trying to get her to play and all she wanted to do was cuddle up to me.

This is Izzy on a road trip this weekend. She loves to go for a ride.

This is Izzy, dizzy Izzy because she runs in circles a lot. She's a three year old beagle and Australian cattle dog mix, and she is the sweetest, most cuddly, delightful dog ever. Which is good, because she's a rescue, and has separation anxiety and hasn't quite been house broken yet and isn't really sure what to think about other dogs. Mostly, I'm pretty sure she thinks they're going to attack me and she needs to protect me, which isn't true. She likes almost all people she meets, though there have been one or two where she reacts like she does to dogs, loudly and straining to get at them.

(Her belief that dogs are out to get us probably wasn't helped when a bulldog attacked us Sunday night as we were coming home. His owner didn't have him on a leash, just loosely held his collar while he was talking to some friends outside the apartment building. I took Izzy in a door on the other side, because I was carrying some bags from the weekend and didn't want to deal with it. That freaking bulldog not only broke away from his owner and came all the way over to that door, but he pushed it back open as it closed and attacked on the stairs. I really love bulldogs, but if I could have gotten to him without falling, I probably would have drop kicked him down the stairs. His owner was apologetic, all "oh, he's so fast," which yeah, but dude, PUT HIM ON A FUCKING LEASH. No damage to Iz, thankfully.)

Despite the house breaking issues, Izzy is really, really smart, though she doesn't know how to play. We're working on that too. Her separation anxiety is getting better, too; when I got up in the middle of the night last night to go to the bathroom, she actually stayed in bed instead of following me.

Getting her was seriously the best decision I've made in years. Already I feel steadier and more balanced and healthier mentally (and physically, from all the walking, I guess). She's a dear, and I love her. Everyone else who's met her does too, particularly Oldest Nephew. (In fact, he gave me such a guilt trip when I left on Sunday, obviously bringing Izzy with me. First he gave me all these reasons I should leave her with him for the week, including that with her ears he could teach her to fly, then he was heartbroken that I won't be down next weekend, and finally he gave me this sad look and said, "Fine, take away my best friend." OUCH, Oldest Nephew. OUCH. He's thirteen and ridiculously fun and such a cool dude.)

I won't be getting back my pet deposit, but she's totally worth it. We'll get this whole training thing worked out.

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