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[links] Sunday Sporadic (1)

Sunday Sporadic: A collection of links from the tabs I've opened over the last week. (Inspired by Karen Healey who sometimes does link collections on the weekends.)

Rose Lemberg: Feminist SF/F: On Feminist Characters

Excerpt: The way to get there, I think, is through multiple, intersectional, and diverse (yet not stereotyped or cartoonish) portrayals of women. I want women to be able to be Neurotic Geniuses. I want the Amazing Inventor with bad hair and mismatched socks who yells sometimes and makes her friends upset, and sometimes forgets to eat, and sometimes forgets to do laundry. I want to read about the Magician who forgets to check her email and gets embroiled in a political struggle at her University, which she loses ungraciously. I want to read about Neurotic Creative Professionals – architects, writers, film directors, music composers – who, in throws of creativity, can be quite upsetting to be around. I want to read about a brilliant woman scientist who is also a miserable drunk. I want to read about the person in a wheelchair who loves her work, but who takes her disability really hard. I want to read about women who are child-free by choice, and women who are mothers. I want to read about mothers who decided to stay at home, and mothers who work. I want to read about women who are fat and not, women who struggle with weight and women who do not. I want to read about asexual women, bisexual women, I want to read about people who are genderqueer and trans* and questioning. I want to read about menopausal women. I want to read about a heroine who is eighty two. I want to read about women who are mentally ill. I want to read a book with a feminist anti-hero. I want to read about kinky women, I want to read about dominant women and submissive women. And note, I haven’t even touched upon the questions of racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity!

Alex Dally Macfarlane: Feminist SFF: Female Friendships

Excerpt: I want, so much, to see more SFF where the friendships between women are given as much time and attention as any other relationship. It does happen, but it’s still far too rare. I want women forging alliances. I want women as enemies, too. I want women grappling to understand each other across privilege and cultural gulfs. I want women having lots of friendships with other women. I want lonely women who long for friendships with other women. I want women with vastly different interests finding common touch-points. I want women bonding over fibre crafts and sport and science and children and war and travel and stand-up comedy and books and internet memes and everything else that women bond over in real life. I want women helping each other to survive in the direst of situations. I want women saving one another. I want women being horrible to each other – because of course women are also horrible to each other in real life, but it’s not some kind of special female superpower. I firmly believe that the only reason it becomes gendered is societal. SFF gives us the opportunity to go beyond that! SFF also gives us the opportunity to examine that in careful, nuanced detail. What I don’t want is women being horrible to each other because that’s “our nature”.

James Tiptree Jr. Award Winner, Short List, and Long List Announcedheart</em>.

Down the Rabbit Hole: YA Cliches You Love

Excerpt: I read a lot of posts that talk about bad cliches in YA and why we don't like them. I always find these posts enlightening and absolutely love mining their info for my own work. What am I guilty of? And what sort of things do I dislike? But I always see a little note at the end stating that if those things are done well enough, the person doesn't usually mind them. So what I want to talk about today is which cliches I like in YA fiction.

Jezebel: Missouri Stupidly Decides to Create Rush Limbaugh Shrine in the State Capitol

What the actual fucking fuck Missouri? You're making me question again why I came back. (Answer: Family and a job I love.)

Palate cleanser time.

Boomtron: Vin Diesel in RIDDICK 3 Action

Riddick 3 is filming. I'm giddy! Riddick 3, Fast and the Furious 6, the joy that was Fast 5 -- it is a good time to be a Vin Diesel fan. Check Out 'Riddick' and His Bone Gun

Another link with the same pictures but slightly different information. Also, I wouldn't call that a bone gun so much as likely a bone sword (or a really long bone shiv), but we will see.

Techdirt: How the Runaway Success of a Tiny $25 Computer Could Become a Big Problem for Oppressive Regimes

Excerpt: An interesting consequence of Moore's Law and the ready availability of free software is that powerful computers can now be produced for just tens of dollars, and in an extremely small package. The low cost means that organizations supporting activists can send in many such systems to countries with human rights problems, and replace them if they are discovered and confiscated or destroyed. The size makes it much easier to import them discreetly, as well as to conceal them in countries that try to keep computing under tight control.

I've been hearing about Raspberry Pi for awhile now from the tech geeks in my family (so that'd be all of them, really), and I'm intrigued by it and by the potential uses of it.

Fangoria review The Cabin in the Woods (mostly without spoilers)

Excerpt: Like SCREAM, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is going to be mistaken by some people for a spoof of the genre. It’s not; like the Wes Craven film, it’s a straightforward horror feature that happens to have a good, satirical sense of humor about itself. This one goes beyond honoring just one subspecies of fright to become a wildly entertaining catch-all homage to the cinema of fear as a whole—it’s like all your favorite horror movies wrapped up in one.

I am super leery about The Cabin in the Woods. On the one hand, this is exactly what I love, horror stories about terrified teens surrounded by trees. On the other hand, despite how much I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (fifteen years ago yesterday the pilot of the tv series premiered, but I also love the ridiculously cheesy movie), I do not trust Joss Whedon's work lately (at least ever since Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, and certainly with Dollhouse). However, I really want to give The Cabin in the Woods a chance, and so I will, and if it goes badly, I will then vent a lot.

(Also, how in the world does Christ Hemsworth change sizes so much? Good grief, man, tiny GIANT tiny GIANT. I know, I know, filmed at different times and in different orders, but it is sort of jarring. And also, sort of awesome.)

(Speaking of GIANT and watching Joss Whedon projects despite my side-eyeing him, is it May yet? No? How about now? WHY ISN'T IT TIME FOR THE TONY STARK SNARK EXTRAVAGANZA?)

Finally, this is the first I'm hearing of Likeme Lighthouse, a new lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community center here in Kansas City, but I am intrigued. Also, they're having a NOH8 photo shoot tomorrow, for you locals who are interested.

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