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[writing] Monthly Project Update

ETA Lovecraftian Shenanigans cowriter just messaged me with this blurb for it (complete with DRAMATIC MOVIE ANNOUNCER VOICE!): In a WORLD where HOT DUDES have TENTACLES, WATCH OUT for NUZZLING RAT-MONSTERS!

Bwahaha. And now I can vent to her about this ableist thing I just read instead of blowing up online or being up half the night sitting on my hands so I won't blow up online.

So it's been almost two years since I regularly updated the monthly project updates, but it is time to start them again, because I get a lot more done when I keep track of my writing in a variety of ways.

This month, I thought I'd kick it off with a fun thing, too. When I’m in traffic, to entertain myself, once in awhile I'll come up with blurbs for my fiction writing projects. (I create them for my nonfiction writing projects, too, but mostly those are confidential, so I can’t really talk about them even if you were interested in legal writing projects.) I even say them aloud in a DRAMATIC MOVIE ANNOUNCER voice, sometimes.

(Sometimes the music is up too loud for that.)

So for this month's project update, I thought I'd include some of the recent blurbs. I recommend giving them your own DRAMATIC MOVIE ANNOUNCER voice.

Active projects only.

Short Stories

+ Shapeshifter Shenanigans
type: paranormal romance, glbtq
status: outlining, draft 1 in progress
summary: Shapeshifters ... do something. No idea what though.

+ Lovecraftian Shenanigans
type: paranormal romance, anthology, glbtq and m/f
status: researching, outlining with cowriter
summary: Horror + make-outs + university.


+ Monsters & Music series (book 1)
ya paranormal romance, ghost story, glbtq and m/f
status: outlined, draft 1 in progress
blurb: Now that she's killed, the dead won't leave her alone.
summary: Girl sees ghosts and tries to solve the mystery of who is murdering them.

+ Fire & Ice trilogy (book 1)
paranormal romance, apocalypse, m/f
status: outlining
blurb: In a frozen world, one woman's power could change everything.
summary: In a frozen, apocalyptic world, one woman must come out of hiding in order to save everyone she loves.

+ Horror on Holiday trilogy (book 1)
horror, paranormal romance, glbtq, m/f
status: outlining, draft 1 in progress with Sarah
blurb: Fifty people went into the woods. Four weeks later, eight came out alive. That was just the beginning.
summary: Their story begins where most stories end. Eight teens survived something that killed everyone around them. Now they must face the world outside the trees.

+ Woods (stand-alone prequel to HoH)
horror, paranormal romance, glbtq, m/f
status: outlining, mostly on hold pending HoH trilogy
blurb: You know what they became. Now see how their horror began.

So what are you working on right now?

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