Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[holidays] Holiday Cards

Apparently these entries did not crosspost earlier, so I am doing it manually now.

If you would like to receive a holiday card from me and haven't sent me your address, leave a comment here (comments screend) or email me at I wrote the first batch of cards today, and have cards going out to the following places:

Tempe, Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Timboon, Victoria, Australia
Clayton, California
Riverside, California
Santa Rosa, California
Chicago, Illinois
Lawrence, Kansas
Olathe, Kansas
North Bethesda, Maryland
Dorchester, Massachusetts
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Lansing, Michigan
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Plymouth, Minnesota
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Pacific, Missouri
Rolla, Missouri
St. James, Missouri
Brooklyn, New York
Greensboro, North Carolina
Maineville, Ohio
Toledo, Ohio
Hillsboro, Oregon
Memphis, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
Leeds, UK
London, UK
Madison, Wisconsin

Wow, no wonder my hands are tired. Many of those places have multiple cards. I should take a bit of a break, I guess. Maybe I will watch more Pushing Daisies and wrap presents. That's always fun.

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