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Another thing I have done lately is watch movies and tv shows. (I am actually at this very moment rewatching Sons of Anarchy season two and enjoying it even more this time around.) The Kansas City area has two drive-in theaters, which I love (though it's been too hot lately -- and I've been too busy -- to go). Drive-ins are a cheap, fun experience I highly recommend.

+ Fast Five

Despite the big plot point that I hated in Fast & Furious, I knew I'd go see Fast Five simply because it featured Dominic and Mia Toretto again, plus added Dwayne Johnson's character. (Hell, the only reason I watched Tokyo Drift is because there's a tiny scene of Dominic Toretto at the very end.) I am so glad I watched Fast Five. Of course, watching Vin Diesel's and Dwayne Johnson's characters go at each other was hot as hell, but mostly, it was a fun, delightful heist movie full of characters of color. So much love for that. (Saw this at the drive-in coupled with Battle: Los Angeles.)

+ Battle: Los Angeles

I was so glad this was paired with Fast Five at the drive-in, because at least I'd get my Michelle Rodriguez fix. I almost skipped out during the first half hour, because it was such a slow movie, and I hate that the main character is the white guy as usual, but in the end, I enjoyed it well enough.

+ Super 8

I knew I'd see this if only to prove to the brothers M that it wasn't about a goddamn giant spider, okay? (Jake and I had this argument back and forth from the first time we heard about the movie.) I really liked it, though I thought the ending fell pretty flat. It was a fun summer movie about teens having adventures, and I love that. (I would love it even more if the story was about a group of girls with the token guy, but obviously I'm not going to get that.)

+ Green Lantern

Saw this when the brothers M were in town, and it was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. I don't mind ridiculous comic book movies all that much, though, so it wasn't completely horrible. Typical issues with characters of color and women, though.

+ Priest

Nor horrible, and once or twice I was nicely surprised by where the story didn't go, but not great, either. The best part was I watched this at the drive-in by the Royals stadium, and had a perfect view of the fireworks. I have no idea how often they shoot off fireworks at Royals games, but I need to figure it out, because the price of the drive-in was worth THAT.

+ Scream 4

I saw this with Priest, and I hoped nostalgia would carry me through it, but oh, it drags on way too long. I liked it for awhile, but dude, trim that shit.

+ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Not all that thrilled with this. I was surprised by how much I missed Elizabeth and Will.

+ X-Men: First Class

Watched this with the brothers M (Joe loves comic book movies, though Jake hates them. I think Joe likes having someone else on his side), and was filled with delightful nostalgia and glee every time something or someone came on screen, but dear god, how very if you're not a white guy (or formerly a white guy), you're the enemy. Do not want.

+ Roswell

Seasons two and three were frequently ridiculous and overdone, but damn, I loved the characters and got sucked into a number of marathons until I finished it. I sort of wish I'd watched this when it first aired, because I was getting bored by Buffy at that point and this might have been a fun addition, but I had just started undergrad and was too busy to pick it up.

+ Friday Night Lights

I'm in the middle of this now; I never fully watched any season after the first season, and I'm really enjoying catching up now. Lots of heartbreak, of course.

+ Sons of Anarchy

Despite the racism, sexism, homophobia, and, oh yeah, all the killing, I love this show. It's not quite the same watching it alone as it is with the brothers M, but I like it more each time I rewatch it.

For not having cable, I manage to have lots of older shows. At some point, I want to finish Battlestar Galactica, and revena has been trying to hook me on Stargate Atlantis, so that will happen, eventually.

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