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18 November 2010 @ 08:16 pm
[shopping] jewelry  
Two things, what with gift giving season upon us.

First, one of my sisters and two of our friends have a new jewelry store: Three Cheep Chicks. They have a website with a gallery and an Etsy site. I can vouch for the beauty and sturdiness of their jewelry; I've received a ton of pieces from all three of them this past year, between last year's holidays, my birthday, and graduation. I wore one of their pieces today, actually.

ETA: I wore this piece. Also, remember my octopus necklace obsession? Kris made me one for graduation: OCTOPUS!

Second, chimera_fancies has posted a preview of her big holiday sale. These pendants are amazing and I am still heartbroken that I lost all of mine last summer in that break-in.

I am still not online regularly, but I hope maybe to catch up on everything over Thanksgiving weekend.

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