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[life] antiracism

RE Elizabeth Moon and Islamophobia

+ Dissimilation by shweta_narayan: Things got easier as I grew older; the racism grew more subtle. I could go through entire days without my friends reducing me to tears, without having to laugh along with something that was not in the least bit funny to me. I could even, if I did it carefully, watching my tone, making sure that everyone knew in fact it wasn't a big deal or anything, disagree with my friends. I could even, occasionally, change minds. So long as I made it totally clear that I was of course really a "good minority".

And that abject, miserable, ashamed person, with that deeply ingrained insecurity and this rejection of family, is what Elizabeth Moon wants Muslim Americans to be. That person, hurt so badly that even talking about it half a lifetime later brings back shame to the point of nausea, is what she wants others to be so that she isn't inconvenienced.

+ All right by shveta_thakrar: Seriously. The part that hurts the most in all this: Why is it always okay to assume one race/sex/type of body/belief system is the default, and everyone should strive to be like it? Why do we always revise history to make the white players the stars and everyone else afterthoughts? Why do they get to be disparate individuals who are never judged against the whole of their ethnic background? Who aren't a credit or a disgrace to their race? Who aren't all like this or like that?

Couldn't we possibly all deserve that honor?

+ In this comment thread in catvalente's post, saladinahmed reposts some of his comments that were deleted when Moon deleted all the comments and addresses one of the issues of keeping Moon as Wiscon's GoH. He makes a really good point.

RE Elizabeth Moon, Native peoples, and immigration

". . . the native peoples had the most troubles with the immigrants" by sanguinity: I saw some commenters express surprise that she actually said this, however, Native peoples being used as a rhetorical flourish in the U.S. immigration debates? Dirt common. In my experience, it's as inevitable as Godwin's Law. (To the point that I half-expect someone to inform me in comments that the phenomenon has already been named, I just haven't crossed paths with the name yet). That flourish isn't restricted to the anti-immigration position, either: both sides do it.

RE faked acid attack and falsely accusing black people

The AngryBlackBitch talks about the self-inflicted faked acid attack blamed on black people and some of the other times people have falsely blamed black people for self-inflicted and/or faked attacks.

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