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[writing] JoNoWriMo+1.5

This is my second year participating in jonowrimo. Last year I had great success doing it and I'm thrilled to be involved this year, as well. Especially since I doubt I'll have time for NaNo this year, what with the move and the new job and preparing for the second bar exam and all.

Here are my goals for JoNoWriMo:

1) Finish Monsters & Music draft one (a teen supernatural adventure about werewolves and ghosts; I'm at 60k so far and estimate maybe 10k more)
2) Revise and write Monsters & Music draft two
3) Write, revise, and submit three ~10k short stories under my paranormal romance and erotica pseudonym

I am currently updating my writing To Do list. It is long. Very long. I love it.


Also, I'll be heading to San Diego October 1 through October 8. Good times.

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