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[life] people make me angry

Up later than planned because I am just flat too angry to sleep.

This post by Elizabeth Moon and her comments throughout the various threads, along with some of the other comments defending her or espousing their own hate, angers me.

(Who's Allowed to Be Angry at Angry Asian Man and Hate at Yeloson.)

ETA2: She's deleted the comments already there and locked commenting to that entry.

She said: NOTE. Time to move the crowd outside and shut the door. All comments will be deleted, the slag recycled for another time, and no further comments made on this post. Whatever's been said has been said, and answered, and resaid, and reanswered.

I think that's an asshole cap on an already asshole situation.

ETA: The people engaging with E.Moon in the comments are rockstars, by the way.

Also, [ profile] coffeeandink brainstorms for panels for Wiscon 35 (where E.Moon is one of the Guests of Honor). asim calls not for the ousting of E.Moon as a GoH but public disagreement at WisCon.


The harassment at Dragon*Con angers me, of course, but so do a lot of the responses to it. (There are triggers in the comments.) This thread is an example of some of the things making me angry, things like the idea that all women who are harassed are able to "fight back" (through various suggestions like taking pictures of their assailants to physically fighting back to screaming for help to instead yelling "fire" and so on); all women who are harassed absolutely trust the police and have no reason not to report the harassment to people in charge of the convention, appropriate hotel staff, and the local police; and that all women who are harassed owe it to other women to do these things because otherwise the harasser is free to go and assault again.

Basically, there's a lot of women should do this and women should do that and women women women. And I understand why people focus on what these women, these con attendees, can do, because obviously the people doing the harassing, the assaulting, mostly aren't the ones engaged in these conversations (if they are engaging at all), but goddamn it, no. The onus is not on the harassed to make sure no one else is harassed. The onus is on the harasser to stop fucking harassing.

I'd also say the onus is on us as members of communities to stand up and stop this shit from happening, too, but I don't want that point to take away from my main point, which is we need to stop fucking telling women who have been harassed how they should react or how we would have reacted in their place or how they are putting other women in danger by not doing the things we think they should do, because it is not the fault of the harassed that the fucking harassers keep harassing.

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