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[writing] Monthly Project Update

So it's been a few months (or seven, WHATEVER), but it's time to start the monthly project updates again. I think doing them in the middle of the month will work best for me, so here's hoping I'll hit the 15th of every month with these.

Active Projects

Short Stories

As the pseudonym.

+ Just submitted a threesome romance about werewolves.

+ Just received edits for a f/f fortunetelling romance.

+ SEKRIT PROJECT with Eliza Reeve. I can tell you nothing else.

+ "Puppy Love"
paranormal romance, werewolves, f/f and m/f/f
Summary: Kinky pack leaders work out negotiations in and out of bed, but an unexpected pregnancy leads to potential problems.
Status: Writing version two, because it needs to be longer for this new submission.

+ "Fanged Girls"
paranormal romance, vampires, f/f
Summary: Vampires in love.
Status: Outlining.


As Carla Lee.

+ Monsters & Music: A Rock & Roll Mystery
YA paranormal romance, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual
Summary: Sandra thought she walked away with only a scratch from the accident that killed her best friend's parents, but a few months later, she realizes she's left with a strange new affinity for the dead. When the ghosts of slaughtered teens start to haunt her dreams, she has to figure out what's killing them or never sleep again. Complicating things is her best friend Lina's new boyfriend, local rockstar Anders, who has a history with all the dead teens, and Anders' best friend, Ben, whose flirtations with Sandra take on a dangerous bent when she learns his deep dark secret. Sandra throws herself into solving the mystery in order to clear the boys' names and stop the murders, but soon she'll be struggling to save her own life in a world where the supernatural is just around every corner.
Outline: In progress.
Status: First draft in progress, 53k written. The original first draft of this was a contemporary adult romance, "Rock & Roll Love Story," but I always thought it needed to be a different story completely. This is that story.

+ Werewolves in Love
Paranormal romance, heterosexual
Summary: Prequel, of a sort, to Along the Road Home. In her final year of university, Victoria has no concrete plans for her future. This turns out to be a good thing when she's attacked in her own backyard under the full moon. Now a werewolf, Victoria finds herself embroiled in pack politics, the difficulty of controlling her changing body, and a romance with a human.
Outline: Complete
Status: Draft one complete through chapter eight.

Horror High
YA horror, romance, homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, poly (Cowriting with Sarah)
+School Massacre
Summary: Classmates are pushed together - and torn apart - when things go terribly wrong at an overnight school fundraiser. As their classmates are slaughtered around them, two sisters, their best friends, and the guys in their lives must struggle to survive and to figure out whether their head priest is correct, and it is hell come to earth.
Outline: In progress, because Sarah is giving my way a try.
Status: Outlining
+ Holiday Massacre
Summary: The survives of School Massacre try to escape nosy reports by taking a holiday in America. What they don't know is that once touched by horror, they are forever attractive to monsters, and the darkness is universal, not bound by location. As the horror looms, their relationships change and deepen, and for four of them, nothing will ever be the same.
Outline: In progress
Status: First draft in progress
+ Theme Park Massacre
Summary: The survivors of Holiday Massacre have a new purpose for their lives, but everything is threatened when they check out an abandoned town that leads them into a haunted adventure.
Outline: In progress
Status: First draft in progress

(Welcome to) Hell High (working titles)
YA paranormal romance, mystery, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual
Summary: Schools for paranormal students exist around the world. At [Blank] Paranormal Prep, affectionately known as Hell High to students and staff, the best of the best learn to cause mayhem and madness, along with more traditional subjects.

+ Vamp It Up (tagline: Gimme a V-A-M-P)
Summary: Senior Lucy (nickname: Sin) rules the all-vampire cheerleading squad, including her twin younger sisters Mina and Van (short for Van Helsing, and yes, their parents totally love Dracula, isn't it ridiculous?). Though Sin's full of school spirit, she's not pleased with being paired with the captain of the drumline to come up with a pep rally that incorporates a variety of student talent. Outside school, vampires close to turning start dying, and the vampire council looks to adult threats: paranormal hunters, rogue vampires, and the monsters which don't buy into the private school and private community plans. Sin's not convinced it's an adult problem and welcomes Dane's help at finding the real threat. When an attack ruins their big pep rally, school spirit takes on a whole new meaning as Sin vows revenge and throughout school all hell breaks loose.
Outline: In progress.
Status: Draft one in progress.

+ Hell Hounds at Halftime (tagline: Who let the dogs out?)
Summary: Mag (short for Magpie, and who were her parents kidding?), captain of the colorguard, thought she and ex-girlfriend Dane, captain of the drumline, would work together as normal to bring home trophies at marching band competitions. Dane, however, has been pretty busy with her new vampire girlfriend, much to Mag's chagrin. (What the hell kind of name is Sin, anyway?) When their first competition is interrupted by a dead deer in the middle of the field, Mag is frustrated, but not afraid. (And, okay, a little hungry.) When bloody bits of meat on the field turns into poisoned meat in the woods and silver slipped into their uniforms, Mag is the only one who seems to think someone is not just trying to sabotage the band but actively hurt the shifters. As she sets out to find the problem, she realizes her parents have been grooming her not just to lead the band to victory but to lead the pack.
Outline: In progress.
Status: Outlining.

+ Demonspawn (tagline: The Seven Deadly Sins never looked so good.)
Summary: All Rae wants to do is graduate with top honors from Hell High and get on with being a badass demon in a world full of humans to corrupt. Secondary goal: Distinguish herself from her equally badass sisters. Being one of seven sometimes feels like getting lost in a crowd. Senior Project: Infiltrate a music scene as new band Seven Deadly Sins and get the musicians to sell their souls. Competition: Which sister can collect the most souls? Lineup: Rae (Wrath) on bass, Lou (Lust) and Pride (too proud of her name to have a nickname) on vocals, Tony (Gluttony) on drums, Reed (Greed) on lead guitar, Vi (Envy) on rhythm guitar, and Lottie (Sloth) on special effects, costumes, and keyboard. It's all fun and games until Rae meets a bad boy guitarist gone good and starts to question soul selling. Her doubts throw the sisterhood out of balance and opens the door for the Wicked, a band of demons who wants far more than just human souls.
Outline: Outlining.
Status: Outlining.

Projects On Hold


As Carla Lee

YA romance, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual
Summary: Overall, the story of Anna Cipriani and her best friend, Taz McDonald, as they start high school at a prestigious boarding school. Deals with racism, classism, bisexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, the emphasis placed on athletics, teen sex and the repercussions thereof, a mystery in the stables, romance, and family versus friends. Cowriting with Sarah.

+ Year Nine (Fall Semester)
Outline: Partial
Status: On hiatus per cowriter
+ Year Nine (Spring Semester)
Outline: Partial
Status: On hiatus per cowriter
+ Years Ten, Eleven, and Twelve
Outlines: Scattered scenes
Status: Incubating

Gray Fur/Sharp Fangs
Supernatural adventure, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual
Summary: Overall, the story of Anna Cipriani trying to find, then protect, her home after she becomes a vampire. Deals with the culture of vampires, reuniting with an ex-girlfriend, loss of family, loss of self, betrayal, manipulation, and eventually the potential end of the world.

+ Along the Road Home
Outline: Not outlined. This is trying a new writing style.
Status: Draft one, complete. Draft two, in process, with major structural changes. Might need an outline because of the changes.
+ Mapping Revenge
Sequel to Along the Road Home
Outline: Needs to be outlined.
Status: On hiatus until I finish the rewrite of Along the Road Home, because the changes there will drastically change what I've already written of Mapping Revenge.

+ Bad Moon Rising
YA supernatural adventure, homosexual, heterosexual
Summary: Boarding school lesbian werewolves. Not necessarily in that order. This is the story of two girls who are hiding their relationship from their peers, but want to come out, and end up doing so in the middle of a werewolf attack on their boarding school. Everyone keeps secrets, only some of them kill.
Outline: In progress.
Status: Outlining.

+ Firestarter
YA romance, bisexual, homosexual
Summary: Three friends - Isabel, Malia, and Leticia - are separated for the summer when Malia's father takes her to visit the maternal side of her family in Hawaii after her mother's suicide. Her mother was estranged from her family before Malia was born, and as Malia meets her family for the first time, she must not only deal with living with strangers, but must figure out the mysteries her mother left behind. Back home, Izzy struggles to assert herself against her domineering mother, and Letty finds more than she expects in a boxing class. Then, while chasing the ghosts of the secrets of her family, Malia must face her feelings for Izzy when she learns that Izzy has got herself a boyfriend. Just when she thinks she's got control of everything, the biggest secret of all comes out: the family doesn't believe her mother's death was a suicide. (Cowriting with Sarah.)
Outline: Needs an outline.
Status: Tabled per cowriter.

As the pseudonym

Fire and Ice trilogy
Paranormal romance, heterosexual, homosexual
Summary: Overall, the story of two groups driven underground awhile ago, poor humans and all of the demons. The rich humans who stayed on the surface have now been driven underground as well, and there are massive battles for territory occurring. In the midst of it, the leader of the human resistance meets the daughter of the demon resistance, and despite their opposing views on whether the demons should help the humans, they fall in love, and then have to fight to keep the world from ending.
+ Death by Ice
Outline: In progress.
Status: Draft one in progress.
+ Death by Fire
Outline: In progress.
Status: Outlining.
+ Untitled
Outline: In progress.
Status: Outlining.

+ Furless in Seattle
Paranormal romance, homosexual
Summary: Werewolf Flea thinks the worst thing she'll have to deal with in her life is coming out to her parents as a lesbian. She's very, very wrong.
Outline: Marinating.
Status: Pre-outline.

+ Casualties of War
Paranormal romance, bisexual, heterosexual, homosexual
Summary: While on what's suppose to be an easy retrieval, private investigator and bounty hunter Diane thinks she's stumbled into a small vampire territory dispute. Instead, she's been lured into the middle of a wide-spread vampire war. Chosen for her ability to foretell how people will react to various situations, she finds herself forced to walk the line between human and vampire. In the middle of this turmoil, she meets Wire, a fortune-telling vampire whose mind has been twisted by all that he sees.
Outline: In progress.
Status: Outlining.

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