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[life] Lilo & Stitch love

It's been a really shitty summer for a lot of reasons, but I just had this perfect moment of being cheered up right when I needed it most: this post in which the comments have some Lilo & Stitch love. Not only did I get to mention my trip to Disney World with thestalkycop and scouseboy and the epic Stitch hunt of that adventure (and the joy in my heart from being with my bff and her family), but just the love for the movie made my heart swell. I am going to watch it once this move is over and I am going to be filled with joy.

Lilo & Stitch is love, and I really needed it right now.

(Hilariously, as I was driving to my parents' house after taking the Missouri bar exam earlier this week, I finally realized that I'd misquoted the song lyric in this icon. It's not "if I had one wish or two," it's "if I had one wish come true" and I'm not really sure how I actually knew what the lyric was (because I did! I sing it correctly when I sing along), still misquoted it in the icon, and then haven't noticed in five plus years since I made it. I'm also not really sure how it randomly hit me when I was driving and not even thinking about LJ, much less picturing my icons in my head.


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