Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[life] weather

Side effect of moving somewhere where you're always cold: three years later, you will have forgotten how to deal with real heat. And sure, Missouri has been unexpectedly hotter than usual (temperatures in the upper 90s with heat indexes over 100 fairly regularly, which isn't normal for May and June), but the air conditioner died Thursday and the repair person can't come until tomorrow and I am officially melting. The air is so hot and wet inside I'm having trouble breathing, because my lungs feel like they're full of water-heavy hot air. Oh, wait, they are.

While I am beyond excited to be moving back to Missouri and, more importantly, never experiencing another Michigan winter ever again, I'm gonna need my body to adjust here soon. (Which, hilariously, isn't going to happen. I'm headed back to Michigan within the next week. Then I'll come back to Missouri around the end of July, when it will likely be even more ridiculously hot. I'm so glad August will be spent heading north, and I never thought I'd actually say that. North is cold. But my poor body has forgotten how to deal with heat.)

ALSO I MISSED AT LEAST TWO TORNADO-CREATING STORMS IN MICHIGAN RECENTLY. Three years of complaining about not having big storms and as soon as I leave, this happens. And while the rest of Missouri has had some really intense weather, all we've had is heat, plus a brief torrential downpour earlier that disappeared after about five minutes.

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