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[Life] Conversations which made me laugh

Jake, Dad, and I watched Mythbusters and they tested vodka myths, including that it removes the smell of smoke from clothes.

Jake: That's a waste of vodka!
Dad: Yeah, if you drink it, you don't care how you smell.

After dinner, when we were driving Dad home, we had this exchange:

Dad: You should write a story about warewolfes(1) bears. Bears like warewolfes. And moose! Vampire moose.
Jake: Vampire moose? Do they gore you instead of bite you and then lick the blood from the wounds?
Dad: Yes. Write this story for kids. A bedtime story.
Jake: That kid will never sleep again.
Carla: And mom wonders why I love horror.(2)

Haha, and then I just had this exchange on IM:

bewize and I were talking about running and I said I didn't think I'd ever love it. She agreed but talked about other reasons to run (like knowing you can do it, not necessarily enjoying it).

Carla: Probably a good idea to be able to run away from the vampire moose.

My life makes me laugh. It also makes me happy.

(1) This is basically how he says it. It makes me laugh every time.

(2) We didn't watch horror movies in the house when I was growing up because Mom is so scared of them even the music bothers her. I saw my first horror movie -- The Howling -- while on the road with Dad. Dad swears he would never have let me watch it so young, but he totally did and I have been enthralled by werewolves ever since.

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