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[short stories] (Fat) Fiction Friday: Sparrow Hill Road by Seanan McGuire

Once again I had problems making WordPress and Livejournal coordinate. Apparently, I can't schedule a post there without it not posting correctly on LJ, which is frustrating, but I can work around it, I guess.

So last Friday, I posted this for my (Fat) Fiction Friday theme. (Though this is more just Fiction Friday.)


This week I bring you an ongoing series of short stories by Seanan McGuire, published monthly at The Edge of Propinquity.

Sparrow Hill Road is the story of Rose Marshall, a hitchhiking ghost, and the story of her death -- and a bit of her life -- on Sparrow Hill Road and what comes after. It's creepy and delightful, sweet and heartbreaking, and every story is filled with adventure and ghostly intrigue. McGuire has created an excellent world of ghosts and the living and the roads they share and the roads they don't.

I grew up a truck driver's daughter and have been in love with the road and with driving for as long as I can remember. The first place I go when I need a break is the highway, and no matter whether I'm in my car or on my motorcycle, watching that blacktop stretch before me feels like coming home.

McGuire deftly, expertly captures that feeling in Sparrow Hill Road. I wait impatiently each month for the next issue of the Edge of Propinquity to be released so I can slip back into a story of shadows and souls, of wandering ghosts and monsters in the darkness, and of the rhythm and pulse of the open road.

Rose Marshall's tale is incredible and McGuire's writing will still your breath.

Excerpt from the synopsis:

Welcome to the midnight America, the one that exists parallel to the "real" world. It's a dark country, one where men with hooks haunt Lover's Lane and scarecrows walk on moonlit nights. It's the place where people go when they slip into the cracks between light and darkness, a world of routewitches and oracles, demons and ambulomancers. It's the place where a man named Bobby Cross sold his soul to live forever...and where one pretty little dead girl is racing to save her soul and stop the killings that began on Sparrow Hill Road. The rules are different here, and everyone's playing for keeps. Be careful. Be cautious. And listen to the urban legends, because they may be the only things that can save you from the man who waits at the crossroads, hunting souls to keep himself alive.

Welcome to the ghostside.

My favorites so far are the first story, "Good Girls Go to Heaven" which absolutely broke my heart and showed me how much I would love this collection, and the fourth story, "Building a Mystery," but each story is excellent and they just keep getting better.

Welcome to the ghostside, McGuire says, but it sounds more like welcome home.

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