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[family] Dad and the Alaska Ride

Dad: Denali(1) looks interesting. Except it has too many bears for me. And wolves. They could be werewolves and I'm not trained for werewolves.
Carla: Werewolves! *heart eyes*
Dad: Wrong argument with you, huh.

Dad: So my new walking stick converts to having a spike on the end. So I can use it as a spear.
Carla: To protect you from the werewolves?
Dad: Yes, but I'm more worried about the grizzlies.

Dad is so adorable in his excitement about the trip. The other day, he told me he pulled up Google Maps and tried to look at as much of the route as he could. So. Adorable.

That reminds me. I know some of you have driven to Alaska. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations or thoughts? I would really appreciate your input (or the input of anyone you know who's done it, if you want to send them my way).

(1) So after my siblings and I tried to explain Twilight to Dad, he started telling stories about sparklers (vampires who sparkle, obviously). Wait until I tell him about the Denali vampires. For something I dislike so much, Twilight has brought me so much laughter.

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