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[books] (Fat) Fiction Friday: Karen Healey’s Guardian of the Dead

(Fat) Fiction Friday

For awhile now, I’ve been meaning to spend more time talking about the books I read. Specifically, I wanted to talk about books which include fat characters, though that won’t be my exclusive focus. Such is born (Fat) Fiction Friday, because the fat will come and go, but Fridays are forever. Or something like that. I like alliteration.

(You may be interested in an old blog post of mine talking about fat and feminism, Fat, Ugly, and Pissed, and Tammy Pierce’s response to it, So WHAT if we’re FAT? Which, for the record, that she read and responded to it brought me great joy. Tammy Pierce has been my favorite author almost my entire life and is one of my biggest feminist influences. I have a touch of hero worship for her.)

So on Fridays (though not necessarily all Fridays, as I head into the end of the semester, finals, graduation, and the bar exam) I will discuss fiction.

(I wrote most of this the other day and intended to come back and add more before I posted today, but my allergies hit really hard and I’m almost out of Friday. Since this is (Fat) Fiction Friday, I want to get it posted before Friday ends, but if it’s scattered or confusing in places, I’m sorry.)

(Fat) Fiction Friday: Guardian of the Dead

It’s really kind of fitting that Guardian of the Dead is my first (Fat) Fiction Friday book. For one thing, it is Karen Healey’s first published novel and it was officially published on 1 April and it is the first novel by one of my close friends published by a major commercial publisher. For another, I first read this in first draft form, so rereading the official published version was a different experience. (A good experience, but different.) I reread books quite frequently (this is why I have both a large book collection and a teetering, towering To Read pile; the books I reread most make it into the collection, but there are quite a few of them, and so the To Read pile sometimes goes unread), but generally those are books which stay the same from one read to the next. Guardian of the Dead isn’t. (Or rather, wasn’t. From now on, it will stay the same. Which is perfectly fine with me, because I loved it and devoured it in just a few hours.)

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