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[life] moonlit nights

Michigan is having some unseasonably warm weather right now, and I am joyous. (One of my professors reminded us that normally there is some sort of ice storm for St. Pat's, which is far less joyous.) Not only have we had warmish temperatures (despite the abundance of people in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops, 50s and 60s is not actually warm) and sunshine.

Tonight when I left class, the sun was setting, already gone really, with just a slice of color across the horizon. The sky rose up in this glorious, deep blue-black stretch behind all the buildings and the crescent moon was bright white, like the flash of teeth in a wolf grin. I love the crescent moon, that soft curve and the rest of the moon just a shadow in the darkness, almost hidden but not quite.

Canis Major and Orion were bright for once and my heart filled with joy. (For those who don't know, I have Canis Major tattooed on my right leg, and plan to get Orion at some point in the future.) Too often they are hidden from me while I'm in Michigan, but tonight they shone and guided me away from school, guided me into the darkness and the silence and the peace of home.

Today was pretty rough; Wednesdays are my long days (9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) and the law school is surrounded by frat houses and dorms and bars, so it was very, very loud. Plus there is construction right now that vibrates the entire building. But tonight, escaping into my favorite time of day -- sunset and the rise of darkness and the moon -- Meat Loaf on the stereo and my windows rolled down, I stretched my hand out the window and slid my fingers through the air and I was free.

I can see that horizon and I'm chasing it still.

Then, when I parked my car and headed for my building, hesitating in the shadows to watch the stars, the building lights went off, casting darkness everywhere, and I waited for the howl of the wolf.

(Sadly, no wolf. Happily, the power is on inside the building.)

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