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[meme] Awesome Things (A Reverse Bucket List)

(Did you know that if you take allergy medicine on an empty stomach [and by empty, I mean I hadn't eaten or drank anything all day], you will end up passing out on the couch for approximately six hours? After being dizzy and nauseous? Learn from me, eat first!)

I am a list maker. Mostly I make To Do lists, daily lists and lifetime lists and everything in between, including To Read and To Watch and To Buy lists. The other day, jenna_thorn posted about the opposite of a Bucket List (and she, in turn, was inspired by celli's reverse bucket list), and I was intrigued by it.

Basically, the Reverse Bucket List is a list of things of awesome (cool, interesting, entertaining, fun, etc.) things you have already accomplished (as opposed to the things you want to do before you die). Part of the reason I'm so interested in this is that I turn thirty on my next birthday and I love milestone birthdays.

I am still working on my list, but I'm really curious about yours. What are the awesome things you've done? (Based on your definition of awesome, of course.)

Awesome Things (A Reverse Bucket List)(in progress)

+ Got my motorcycle license and rode some fantastic motorcycles
+ Planned and executed a wonderful 50th anniversary for my parents
+ Spent my childhood summers traveling across country with my father in his big truck
+ Earned a B.A. (with honors) in writing and publishing, the first person in my family to graduate from college
+ Worked the most amazing legal job ever in Redmond, Washington
+ Published book reviews, short stories, poetry, articles, and columns
+ Spent an amazing summer working as a live-in nanny in Ohio and California based on a last-minute whim
+ Hawaii, just everything I've ever done in Hawaii
+ Explored Barcelona with friends and no chaperons during high school
+ Edited hundreds of stories, mostly for friends and family, and got to read some of the most amazing writing ever
+ Talked writing and the creative process with one of my favorite actors and did not sound like an idiot
+ Participated in (and frequently started) guerrilla poetry performances
+ Rocked some major book signings and book releases while working at the bookstore (including a Clinton signing)

Show me your lists!

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