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[writing] numbers and poetry

I track my writing using an excel spreadsheet provided by getyourwordsout. The one I'm using this year shows me how far I am off my target for the year. I started this month 3600 words behind. Currently, I am 11,500 words ahead, and I just broke 61,000 words so far this year.

In something that wasn't written this year, elisem just linked to the masterlist of the Oracles poetry, Nine Things About Oracles, which if you haven't seen it, basically went like this: elisem made this gorgeous pendant named "Nine Things About Oracles" and then people started writing poetry based on it.

I just reread my contribution, and for once I continue to like a piece of my poetry.

"Pieces of Nine Oracles, Scattered (and Silent Ten)"

Part of me wants to expand it. Maybe write short stories from the pieces of it.

My sister left me one of the greatest comments ever, which was that she wished to make art off of my writing inspired by art. The circle of inspiration gives me chills. (Plus I love art based on my writing.)

Stupidly, I napped this afternoon and couldn't get back to sleep when I tried tonight. Maybe I can sleep now.

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