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[links] Amazing, Shiny Things

First, thanks for your kind thoughts about Mom. She got a blood transfusion and has come home sooner than expected.

Second, the last update has been made at chimera_fancies' sale post. Get the beautiful jewelry soon, because it's going fast. (I have one on order. It was hard choice after this latest update. I love the one I got, but I also really love a couple of the others: "Ashes and Embers" [though the color is wrong for me], "Better Words" pin, "Too Clever for the Shadow" pin, "Scatter the Bones" pin [which I keep reading as "because the word to enter the holy would shatter the bones"], and "Story to the Stars" pin.)

Third, if you're not reading the stories posted over at merry_fates, you are really missing out. I was missing out until today. Here's what happened. I took a break from working on "Monsters & Music" and ended up at tessagratton's website look at the new pictures she added. Then I randomly decided to read whatever she had on her short story page.

At that point, I fell in love with this story: "The Summer Ends in Slaughter," which is a chilling, haunting, beautiful story about sacrifice and blood and bones and death. You will notice these are all things I adore and they are used very well in the story.

Because the story on her website changes, I went to merry_fates to find a link to the story so I could share it with you, and have lost far too much time finding stories I want to read. So yes. You should be reading their short fiction and I should get back to work.

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