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[jewelry] chimera_fancies

Did you know that chimera_fancies has pendants on sale right now? Here is the page, to be updated again in the morning. Her pieces are incredible, so you know. (I owned three at one point, but they were lost in the break-in over the summer, which broke my heart.) I love some the phrases on these ("in love with the robber girl dreaming of needles without thread" and "the star answered I cannot promise part of myself neither within nor without" and "O daughter, like an Amazon, be the Wild reach the heavens" and "you must be a witch born under a lucky star" in particular), but the colors aren't really grabbing me the way the lost three did. Which is good, because I don't actually have any money for jewelry right now.

I hope some of you find lovely things, though.

In other news, Mom is in the hospital again. If I'm distant, that's why.

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