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[life] links and positive things

I was just talking to sunfire1216 about how I found her posts about cleaning and organizing a little every day very inspirational and I wanted to be back in my apartment cleaning and organizing. Then the conversation veered into positive versus negative thoughts and being the change you want to see and I decided that I think I'd like this year to be the year of me attempting to be more positive and the year of me saying yes to things I'd normally immediately say no to doing. I am very antisocial and prefer being alone, but I think I'd like to try to be slightly more social and say yes to more invitations, especially with the big move in the future. We'll see how this goes.

This comes at the end of a fairly frustrating and disheartening day. I've been editing a complaint to Delta Airlines and American Airlines and I've had to take breaks from it because it was so frustrating and terrifying, the way they treated the passenger and her dogs. I can't imagine having lived through it, especially towards the end of the experience.

I also wasn't able to get into the free clinic. They only had one doctor tonight and were only seeing eight patients. Also, even though I can never get through on the phone and they used to only take people on a first-come, first-served basis, they are apparently taking phone reservations now. I will be glad when I have health insurance again, because that's obviously going to happen before this country gets its head out of its ass when it comes to public health care.

Finally, Mom is not doing well, which is always a downer.

On the positive side, Mom and Dad's new dog is this tiny, adorable ball of brown fur. Her name is CoCo and she's so teeny and cute. Dad and I had a nice visit. I've managed to figure out how to end chapter twenty-three of M&M, my current novel-length project, am likely to finish it tonight, and know how chapter twenty-four will begin, at least. (Sure, I haven't figure out the transition scene in the middle of chapter twenty-three, but that's what draft two is for.) I may be working the rest of this week at the glass shop again. I have a giant stein of ice water and a large glass of diet Dr. Pepper to drink. I have the most awesome fingerless gloves ever. Pandora has given me five hours of excellent music in which I have not had to dislike a single song. On the whole, life is good.

Best thing about winter in Missouri is that I can walk outside at night and my eyes automatically find Canis Major. It's too cloudy in Michigan to see it mostly, but I love being able to look up and it being right there. (For those who don't know, I have it tattooed on my right leg. It has meaning for me.)


Have some links! (I have approximately 500 tabs open, NO JOKE, so I need to stop hanging on to these and post them already.)

Justine Larbalestier talks about cover art.

Maggie Stiefvater talks about her top songs of 2009.

Isabel the Spy talks about how Lady GaGa isn't all that subversive when it comes to ideals of beauty.

Quote: i feel like there are limits, maybe, to how “hideous” an extremely skinny blonde white girl can be considered. and this isn’t a critique of gaga herself because it’s true that she for the most part can’t help these things and shouldn’t (though: she did recently say in an interview that she doesn’t eat, make of that what you will). but i see this argument thrown around a lot and i don’t buy it, because she’s still in that safety zone.

or to put it another way: picture a fat woman, or a black woman, or a Latina woman, or a fat black Latina woman, doing ANYTHING that lady gaga has ever done, and tell me people would still be talking about her as some kind of subversive artiste.

Justine Larbalestier talks about the music she listened to while writing Liar.

Drowning in the Shallow End: Third Wave Feminism.

(NB: I am not yet done reading this article, but I thought some of you might be interested.)

Karen Healey wrote a sweet, funny holiday story filled with warmth and light and family and love: Queen of the Kitchen.

(NB: Keep an eye on Karen, she is a fantastic writer and is going far. OMG You guys my friends are AWESOME.)

Thanks to mattie, I can never unsee Awkward Family Photos.

Catherynne Valente talks about the all-women authors upcoming Realms of Fantasy issue.

Based on this post by Sigrid Ellis about Vin Diesel, I've realized that I basically play a Vin Diesel-esque character in all my tabletop RPGs, except female. And also that I love the do him/be him dichotomy to my love for Vin Diesel.

V Magazine apparently has a plus-size issue this year? I do not know what V Magazine is or anything about this, but some of the pictures are pretty.

Justine Larbalestier asks for recommendations of books which are like her book Liar. So if you've read Liar and have recs, head over there.

For all my Glee hate, I like this fanvid: They Don't Care About Us, Brittany, Mike, Santana, and Matt. (Though the talking head bits drive me crazy.) I also like this Brittany/Santana vid. Maybe the thing to do is give up watching Glee (which probably I have already done) and instead watch transformative fanvids that address the issues I have with it?

Okay, so I got it down under 300 tabs. Jake's still not home from work (two v. v. long days for him in a row), but I think I am headed to bed soon. Especially if I'm working tomorrow.


Man, I love my cheesy, angry rock SO MUCH.

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