Carla M. Lee (carlamlee) wrote,
Carla M. Lee

[links] jewelry sales

This is the paper that never ends. Never ends. Thousands and thousands of words, but no end.

Shortly I am off to celebrate the end of finals and the birth of a friend, but first I bring you jewelry sales. Beautiful, beautiful jewelry sales. Both of which will be updated, so keep an eye on them.

kirarwalker and her father do beaded jewelry and metal jewelry, though so far this sale only includes metal jewelry. I can vouch for both styles. The beadwork is beautiful and detailed, and the metalwork is amazing. I've been wearing one of the metal necklaces and every single person who sees it thinks it is amazing. Sale here.

elisem is at it again with another Shinies post. She has a necklace-crown in this one which takes my breath away. I love just reading the titles of her pieces, they are amazing in themselves, and the jewelry is incredible. Sale here.

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