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[law school] being a lawyer? sometimes awesome

Two and a half years. Many thousands of dollars of debt. (Being forced to survive freezing ass temperatures.) Finally, all my law school woes have a meaning: I was USEFUL and found a case for a friend. It was a damn hard case to find, too, mostly because the case I was looking for wasn't actually the right thing. But I found the right one and was useful.

I like being useful.

I have this thing on Facebook someone sent me that says, Being a lawyer had better be awesome.

Well today? It was awesome.(1)

(1) Not technically a lawyer yet, so probably I should say being a legal researcher was awesome, but it's just not as catchy.(2)

(2) I just disclaimered(3) this post of glee. I know what this means.

(3) I disclaimered a conversation the other day. I can't remember who I was talking to, but I disclaimered(4) it and they pointed it out because I didn't notice.

(4) Disclaimered doesn't look like a word(5) anymore.

(5)(6) Because it's not. I know, shut up.

(6) I like footnotes.
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